Craftsmen to help UNESCO rebuild old Aleppo

The United Nations cultural body UNESCO have said that the Old City of Aleppo could be rebuilt, despite the damage from years of Civil War. Aleppos Old City is one of the oldest in the Middle East, and its hoped with the creation of a school for craftsmen that the area can be revived. Aug 4, 2017

Explosion reported in western Aleppo during Christmas celebrations

An explosion, the cause of which was unclear, was heard near a Christmas celebration in western Aleppo on 20 December. The footage shows the celebrations before the reported explosion. Evacuations from rebel-held areas of Aleppo are continuing as pro-government forces prepare to regain control of the city. Dec 21, 2016

Evacuations of Aleppo continues after buses burned

Nearly 500 people were evacuated from eastern Aleppo late at night on Sunday (18 December), after three days of delays stopped the process. The evacuations grounded to a halt on Friday (16 December) after pro-government forces demanded that people also be moved out of two Shi’ite villages besieged by insurgents. Then on 18 December, armed men burned five buses that were supposed to be used for evacuation. Dec 19, 2016