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A horrifying incident shook Delhi when an eight-year-old boy was apprehended for killing a one-and-half-year-old toddler. The incident came to light when the toddler's body was found in a drain in south Delhi's Fatehpur Beri with his head smashed on Monday. This prompted an investigation leading the police to the eight-year-old boy.

Murder took place on Sunday night 

The eight-year-old boy had killed the baby as revenge for a fight he had with his sister. According to The Times of India, the girl had pushed the boy's younger brother and he wanted to exact revenge. They are neighbours in Fatehpur Beri. 

On the intervening night of Sunday and Monday, the boy went to the victim's house, abducted him and took him to a drain near the house where he threw him. The minor threw a big stone to kill him.

The boy then returned home, changed clothes, made his way to a park and slept there.

The victim's family woke up to the baby missing and raised an alarm. When they couldn't find him anywhere in the vicinity, they involved the police. Prior to this, the victim's mother also spoke to the murderer's family who found that their son is also missing.

The police soon found the body of the baby in the drain and ruled it as a sexual assault. However, when they found that there were no signs of sexual injuries, they discovered that was cold-blooded murder. The minor was found by the police in the park and further questioning led him to confess and describe his crime.

Reason for murder

He said that the victim's sister had a tiff with his brother - pushing him and pinning him to the ground. The boy was angry at the girl for hurting his brother and wanted to hurt her brother and hence he committed the crime.

The boy was taken to police custody and sent to a children's home under the direction of the Juvenile Justice Board.