Apoorva and Rohith Tiwari
Apoorva and Rohith Tiwaritwitter

The murder of politician ND Tiwari's son Rohit had shocked the nation. And now, it has come to light that the 39-year-old was killed by his wife for sharing a drink with his cousin's wife in his car.

Rohit's wife Apoorva Shukla, 35, is a Supreme Court advocate and they had got married in 2018. But their married life was not so cheerful and Apoorva was not happy with their life. She was arrested by Delhi Police last week and was produced before the court after his post-mortem report claimed that he died due to asphyxiation. She is currently on two days' police custody.

"She confessed that she murdered her husband and said their marriage was unhappy. She said her hopes and dreams were all dashed," senior police officer Rajiv Ranjan told NDTV.

According to the crime branch officials, the couple had a very unstable relationship and used to fight a lot, but they always used to patch up. On April 15, when Apoorva video called her husband, she saw him drinking alcohol with his cousin's wife Kumkum from the same glass. This made her furious.

Rohit had gone to Uttarakhand to cast his vote and was returning to Delhi with his mother Ujjwala and Kumkum when Apoorva called him. After returning to their Defence Colony house, a fight broke between the couple. Apoorva told Rohit to not talk to Kumkum ever again but he disregarded her warning. In a fit of rage, she pounced on Rohit and strangled him to death with her bare hands.

An intoxicated Rohit was unable to overpower his wife and died. After confirming his death, Apoorva destroyed all the proof of her involvement and acted as if she had no part in the murder. She also made his mother believe her act.

Rohit's mother Ujjwala, 75, said: "When we went to immerse Rohit's ashes at Kankhal in Haridwar, Apoorva said, 'amma, ab tum hi mera sahaara ho'. Little did I know the post-mortem report next day would show it was an unnatural death, and that she killed my Rohit," reports The Indian Express.

She had asked Rohit's help for an MLA ticket from Indore, but he had refused saying that he was not settled and won't be able to provide her with one. She also used to interfere in the family's property matters and wanted to isolate Rohit from his family.

Ujjwala has claimed that her daughter-in-law did this to possess her son's property. However, she tried to mislead the investigation officers by sharing a different story. When asked about the strangulation marks over Rohit's neck, she had told the officials that they shared an intimate moment the night before his death.