The launch of Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX on Friday night, December 22, 2017 had created quite a buzz after people mistook it for a UFO and widely shared videos and images on social media. It has been reported that mysterious trail of the Falcon 9 even caused road accidents!

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 The launch took place post sunset from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, located  north of Los Angeles.

Falcon 9 was carrying 10 Iridium Next communications satellites into low-Earth orbit. The rocket left behind a bright trail as it was on its way to the space.

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Many, who were unaware of the rocket launch, mistook the amazing view of the rocket for an extra-terrestrial anomaly. The Los Angeles Fire Department had even issued a statement to clear the misconceptions the public had over the mysterious light and clarified that it was just a rocket launch by SpaceX.

"Caught off guard and had no idea what was happening at first ... must say it was one of my life's coolest moments!!!," stated a spectator Michelle Snyder who saw the rocket in Coronado, California, as quoted by a report.

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Snyder even shot a video of the launch, "a forever memory with my daughters and parents who were in town visiting for the holidays. FOREVER MEMORY!!!" she stated further.

Check out these amazing pictures and footages of  Falcon 9 that people tweeted:


Apart from leaving everyone stunned, the rocket even caused accident while it was flying over Southern California on Friday night.Three cars collided on the Southern California freeway -- westbound Interstate 10 – which is situated around 90 miles east of Los Angeles. A dashboard camera of another vehicle captured the accident.

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"A white Toyota Corolla in the left lane then gets rear-ended by a minivan, pushing that Corolla into a Toyota RAV4 SUV," a Business Insider report revealed.

Watch the video of the car collision here:

YouTube/ Mark Sales