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Dr Nicole Prause, a sexual psychophysiologist and neuroscientist based in Los Angeles, reveals how exactly to get the best orgasms.

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Dr Prause has been analysing the science behind sex for more than ten years now and she revealed that you can have stronger and much better orgasms by yourself.

The sexpert quoted a survey which found that one can experience better orgasms by self-pleasuring and these orgasms were more satisfying.

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"Surprisingly, people asked to rate the intensity of their orgasms consistently say that their orgasms from self-stimulation feel more intense than their orgasms with a partner," said sexpert Dr Prause, as quoted by Daily Star.

You would know better about how your body functions compared to others, hence self-loving will be more pleasurable.

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You get to decide how many times you can have climax and for how long you would want to pleasure yourself.

Apart from satisfying your sexual urge, self-pleasuring has various other benefits. It results in secretion of endorphins dopamine and oxytocin which help in triggering sleep and swaying stress away.

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According to the results, going solo is found to be more beneficial for women, bit it is not the same for everyone.

"Of course, these are averages, so that does not mean it is true for every person," said Dr Prause.