Space chimp chases Tim Peake around ISS

Nasa astronaut Scott Kelly decided to inject some monkey business into his time on the space station by dressing up in a gorilla costume to torment his fellow ship mates. Kelly uploaded a video to his Twitter page on 23 February showing an unsuspecting astronaut, Britain’s own Tim Peake, checking a large white box. A few seconds later a costumed Kelly comes out and proceeds to chase Peake around the space station. Feb 25, 2016

Stunning Nasa animation reveals dynamic magnetic fields of the sun

A stunning Nasa animation has captured magnetic field activity on the sun from January 2011 to July 2013, displaying it through multi-coloured moving lines. The video, uploaded online on 29 January, shows how magnetic field lines shoot off the powerful star, with some looping back towards the surface. Feb 3, 2016