Giant 'Mushroom Cloud' Covers Beijing Skyline [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

A giant "mushroom cloud" resembling like an atomic explosion was spotted over Beijing last week that was followed by thunder and lighting. The huge cloud had sparked fear among people that an Armageddon, an end of the world-like event was underway. Jun 19, 2012

President Poll: Abdul Kalam's Word to Decide Mamata's Next Move

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to official name Trinamool Congress's choice for the President's post on Monday, during a meeting conveyed by her. Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam, meanwhile, is also expected to announce his decision over running for Rashtrapati Bhavan. Jun 18, 2012

UPA VS NDA in the Presidential Elections?

It looks like politicians have put party prestige above the President post with party politics taking the centre stage as the race for the 14th Presidential polls is heating up. UPA vs NDA is in the offing with BJP unlikely to support Congress' choice. Jun 17, 2012