french-troops-patrol-in-car-after-two-soldiers-killed Play

French troops patrol in CAR after two soldiers killed

French soldiers were patrolling the streets of Bangui in the Central African Republic and continuing to search residents for weapons Tuesday, after two soldiers were killed ahead of a visit by French President François Hollande. Dec 11, 2013
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Pro-EU Ukrainians keep up sub-zero protests

Pro-Europe protesters in Ukraine kept up their stand on Kiev's Independence Square on Tuesday, with around 350 people braving temperatures that fell to about -7 degrees (19 degrees Fahrenheit) overnight. Duration: 00:35 Dec 11, 2013
Pakistani children pay tribute to Nelson Mandela Play

Pakistani children pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

Tributes for Mandela are coming from all over the world. In Pakistan, some Christians from Islamabad, a poor minority, paid their respects to the man who fought for the rights of those most forgotten and scorned. Duration: 00:57 Dec 11, 2013