The South Indian state of Kerala celebrates its 59th formation year on Sunday, 1 November. Commonly known as Kerala Piravi, the day is celebrated by every Keralite and just like Onam, people don the traditional attires of the state as part of the celebrations.


As per the Hindu mythology, it was Parashurama, who created the south Indian state after throwing his "Mazhu" (axe) from Gokarna into the sea.

However, Kerala was officially formed as a result of the States Reorganisation Act on 1 November 1956, long after India got independence in 1947. Before that, there were three independent provinces named Malabar, Cochin and Travancore.

The state is believed to have got its name after its first ruler, Keralian Thamboran, who ruled one of these provinces. Meanwhile, it is also said that the name originated from the word 'kera' or the coconut tree that is widely seen in the area.

Presently, Kerala, also known as 'God's Own Country' for its rich and cultural heritage, has fourteen districts and Thiruvananthapuram is the state capital. 

The beautiful locales make the place one of the most visited destinations in the world and has found a spot among the "ten paradises of the world" and "50 places of a lifetime" in the National Geographic Traveller magazine.

Check out some greetings to be shared on Kerala Piravi day below:

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  • Kerala PiraviMalayalam Scraps

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