rent-hikes-push-myanmars-poor-into-homelessness Play

Rent hikes push Myanmar's poor into homelessness

Soaring rents in Myanmar's commercial capital Yangon have seen hundreds of poor families shunted from their homes, forcing them to turn to charity as their last buffer from life on the streets. Duration: 02:15. Sep 10, 2013
relief-in-damascus-streets-as-us-strike-put-on-hold Play

Relief in Damascus streets as US strike put on hold

Damascus residents expressed relief a day after a surprise initiative by Russia proposed Syria hand over its chemical weapons stockpile to international control, heading off punitive US strikes for the regime's alleged poison gas attacks. The government of President Bashar al-Assad, which denies having carried out the attacks, welcomed the proposal, along with most of the international community. Duration: 00:49 Sep 10, 2013
kenyan-vp-pleads-not-guilty-as-icc-trial-opens Play

Kenyan VP pleads not guilty as ICC trial opens

Kenyan Vice President William Ruto pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of fomenting deadly post-election violence in Kenya five years ago, at the opening of his high-stakes trial at the International Criminal Court. Duration: 01:08 Sep 10, 2013