Priyanka Chopra and Amitabh Bachchan have replaced Aamir Khan as the new brand ambassadors of the "Incredible Indian" campaign, reports Times of India. Although several sports personalities and popular figures from other fileds were also considered for the face of the campaign, Big B and Priyanka have become the final choice.

Aamir Khan, who served as the brand ambassador of "Incredible India" for a decade, sparked a controversy after he talked of discussing "growing intolerance" in India with his wife. However, Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma scuttled speculation that Aamir was removed from the position due to the comment, and said the actor was under a contract, which expired.

"Our agreement was with the media agency, namely, McCann. That was for a particular work. That work they have delievered to us. They have completed that project. Hence, that contract is now over," Sharma told The Indian Express.

It has also been reported the brand ambassadors were used to be appointed through an agency, but now the Tourism Ministry will have control over it. Although the tourism minister clarified that Aamir's removal from the "Incredible India" campaign had nothing to do with his statement on "intolerance", Amitabh Kant, secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, raised eyebrows with his tweet on Tuesday: "Being a Brand Ambassador imposes responsibilities. U can't run down what u're promoting.That's damaging d brand. (sic)" 

While Amitabh Bachchan is undoubtedly one of the most globally known Indian personalities, Priyanka has earned international fame with her American TV series "Quantico".