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Smoking is injurious to health, but a study reveals that it harms women more than it affects men.

The cause behind this is the different ways the male and female bodies react to cancer-causing substances -- or carcinogens -- present in cigarettes.

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Here's how women get more adversely impacted by smoking than men:

Heart diseases:

According to a research published in Lancet, women who smoke as much as their male counterparts do are 25 percent more prone to cardiovascular ailments like coronary heart disease than men.

It was also found that if both men and women continue smoking, their chances of getting heart diseases rise and the risk remains higher for females compared to males.

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Pregnancy and breast milk:

The risk of infertility in women who smoke remains greater and it also makes it difficult for them to conceive. Pregnant women who smoke increase the risks of premature birth, death and still-birth of the baby. It also depletes the amount of breast milk in women.

Male fertility is affected by smoking but women bear the baby, hence the habit affects them more negatively.

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Women exposed to equal quantities of tobacco as men had the thickness of their carotid arterial walls affected five times more.

Hence the condition of their arteries was worse than in men, findings by a Europe-based study revealed.

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Lung cancer:

A research in New York revealed women smoking as frequently as men are likely to be at double the risk of developing lung cancer.  Men tend to remain at lesser risk as they get rid of some of the carcinogens while they pee, but in case of women these substances get transformed to carcinogenic substances by their body.