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A mysterious fireball was spotted in Columbia's nightsky in the town of Ocana in Norte de Santander on Saturday, December 30, 2017.

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Baffled spectators and residents captured footage of this strange fireball which lit up the night sky.

The bizarre fireball appeared in the sky for several minutes. It had an orange glow that eventually vanished.

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People who saw this mysterious phenomenon revealed that the glow faded near the neighbouring town of Aguas Claras.

The perplexed onlookers believed it to be an alien invasion. The footage of this occurrence went viral on the social media.

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People are heard in the video speculating that the mysterious light was an alien UFO trying to land on Earth and assessing risk factors.

Others guessed that the bright light was the result of a burning object, according to a Daily Mail report.

"It's not a star. It's not a plane. It's Superman!" a man can be heard saying in Spanish in the video.

"It's moving!" another person said in the video.

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As per local reports, the Colombian authorities and inhabitants still don't know what the mysterious light actually was.

Some people said this incident points towards the end of the world being near, while others came up with the explanation that the blazing object was a flare parachute.

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"The light is from a flare parachute used during military actions. They illuminate large areas at night, usually for parachute landings and observational operations. Here it looks more dramatic because the sky is cloudy," said Dixon Florez Castro, a Facebook user.

It's still not clear what exactly the baffling bright light in the night sky was.


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