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The National UFO Reporting Centre (NUFORC) reported around 5,000 cases of UFO sightings in 2017 and one of them was larger than the full moon!

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According to a report by Daily Star, a total of 4,655 reports of flying saucers were spotted of which 490 sightings were made in California, making it the most significant spot for UFO sightings. Florida was the next hot spot with 305 sightings reported last year.

A total of 55 sightings were reported in Nevada, where the Area 51 is located, which is known for the infamous Roswell crash of 1947. According to UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists, an alien spaceship had crashed near Rosewell and US government agencies had seized the extra-terrestrial craft and the bodies of the alien crew members in order to cover up the incident.

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A woman was freaked out as she saw something really bizarre on December 14, 2017 near Santa Fe, New Mexico, while she was with her husband.

She claimed that she and her husband saw a flying object across the Interstate in a southeasterly direction, a Daily Star report quoted.

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"It appeared triangular with bright green lights around its entire periphery. From my husband's perspective, it appeared larger than a full moon," she said.

The woman was sitting in the passenger seat when she encountered the UFO and she claims that the craft appeared to be slightly smaller than the full moon.

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She further reported that the strange UFO was a few feet ahead and above her which appeared to be moving at a pace of 100 mph or less than that. The craft appeared to be heading down and then disappeared.

The woman was described as an "eloquent, sober-minded and excellent witness", Daily Star stated.