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Nutritionist Sarah Fowler reveals her top tips on the kind of food one should opt for and stray away from to keep their libido intact, and to recover from the lack of it.Creative Commons.

Suffering from a lack of libido is no alien concept to us, because at one point or another during the adult life, both men and women fall victim to its symptoms. But as alarming as it might seem, one can easily recover from this dip in sexual desire.

While often the cause behind a lack of sexual interest is due to medications, cancer treatments and other illnesses like depression, ageing and arthritis, what should be noted is that the glitch can be resolved by making just a few adjustments regarding health and lifestyle.

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Specifically, dietary changes can help one get back in their zone, as nutritionist Sarah Fowler reveals her top tips on the kind of food one should opt for and stray away from to keep their libido intact and to recover from the lack of it.

First things first, it is primal to understand the role that your diet plays in your libido. Fats affect nerve transmission, whereas food rich in alkaline aids people suffering from conditions that affect their libido, like arthritis, obesity, hormone imbalances, diabetes and heart disease.

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Food items that boost sexual libido.Creative Commons.

Vitamin C rich food and items containing the mineral zinc is particularly healthy for sperm and also boosts male fertility. Vitamin B, on the other hand, crushes stress and supports adrenal glands that are responsible for secreting hormones.

Vitamin D is a huge benefactor in the scenario as it boosts hormones for stimulation, and its deficiency can lower hormones (estrogen for woman and testosterone for men) which affect mood, sexual desire and performance.

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Also to be noted, antioxidants protect sperm from damage, especially, consuming Spirulina in the form of powder or capsules can safeguard male fertility. But Fowler has also provided a list of names when it comes to specific food items to boost the libido.


Goji berries – A strong sexual stimulant, these increase testosterone levels in both men and women, stimulating libido in both and also improving overall stamina.

Avocados – Rich in vitamin B6, this nutrient increases male hormone production, and in women, it's potassium content regulates the thyroid gland, helping both get in the mood.

Celery – As bland as it might sound, consuming this can increase pheromone levels in a man's sweat, making him more attractive to his female partner.

Sweet potatoes – Rich in potassium, it helps combat high blood pressure, thus reducing risks of erectile dysfunction in men. Also, its vitamin A content helps to boost female fertility by promoting better cervical fluid.

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Dark chocolate – This boosts the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, helping to lower stress levels and promote relaxation.

Oysters – Packed with lots of libido-boosting zinc, minerals, and amino acids it's a massive mood booster.

Watermelon – This contains citrulline, which converts to the amino acid arginine which is responsible for relaxing blood vessels, in a manner that's quite similar to Viagra.

Ginger – It helps boost circulation so some ginger tea, or grate a little ginger into a spicy curry alongside chilli can turn up the heat in bed, as chilli itself is responsible for releasing feel-good hormones.

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Mint – As horrible as bad breath, mint shouldn't be your go-to cure since the menthol content lowers testosterone which subsequently reduces your sex drive.

Cheese – Often made with cow's milk that contains synthetic hormones, it can mess with the body's natural hormones, including estrogen and testosterone.

Pills – Especially for birth control, these interrupt the body's production of hormones like serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine, which all influence whether you are in the mood.

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Sugar – It can load up on insulin, which in turn stores belly fat, reduces muscle mass and causes testosterone levels to drop, eventually ruining the libido.

Alcohol – As good as it is at making one uninhibited, it affects performance too if consumed a lot.

Caffeine – These are dehydrating and affect adrenal glands negatively, making it harder to get in the mood.

As Fowler believes, stress is one of the major causes of a lack of libido too, along with anxiety, depression and lack of sleep. Sleep, in fact, is absolutely vital to repair and revive hormonal production. Enough sleep ensures staying at the top of the game.