Marijuana Compound may Fight Cancer

Study indicates that certain compounds found in marijuana can slow down tumour growth. However, doctors caution against self-medication. Jul 16, 2014


Yoga is a discipline that helps us having control over our body, thus liberating the mind and the spirit. Yoga not only involves physical poses, yoga also incorporate breath control or pranayama and to an extent meditation. Unlike a physical exercise, where you exert energy and gets tired at the end, yoga makes you energetic and helps you concentrate on tasks, thus making you sharper, clear and confident. Doing yoga regularly, helps you in better identifying yourself. Jul 16, 2014

Piping an inward swirl

Swirls are the basic in cupcake decoration. Here is a simple inward swirl you can do for practice. Facebook - Jul 15, 2014

Foods to avoid for better sex life

ating certain foods raises the blood glucose level, which leads to fatigue, tiredness and a lower sex drive. Check out these foods to avoid for a better sex life: Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production Jul 15, 2014

High intensity cardio kettle-bell workout

It's not just enough to lift weights and increase your mass; you will have to workout on your cardio as well. here is a routine that is not only high intensity kettle-bell workout, but also an amazing cardio workout. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Jul 15, 2014