Rob and chyna
Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna at Chyna's birthday celebration.Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Kris Jenner and her five daughters reflected on the last 10 years of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on an anniversary-special episode hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Yet, fans couldn't help but notice that Rob Kardashian wasn't a part of the 90-minute chat session.

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His name was brought up by Kendall, 21, who mentioned how the siblings grew up in twos.

"Khloe and Rob grew up together, Kourtney and Kim grew up together, and then Kylie and I got each other," she said.

It was then that Ryan asked Kris about her son, to which she said "Rob's great. He's working on a new clothing line, and I see him every day because he lives down the street."

Kendal then added how the siblings and the rest of the family stay connected over a family group chat at all times. Kylie called the chat "lit".

Rob's absence from the session doesn't however come as a surprise for fans and followers.

The 30-year-old has grown rather reclusive over the years, struggling with weight issues and depression, among other things. He has also not appeared on the show for quite some time now.

Even though he had appeared on the last two seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and starred in his own reality spin-off show with ex-fiancee Blac Chyna, what followed was his pretty public feud with her.

The drama involved exposing graphic content about his ex, including explicit photos, and also accusations of her drug and alcohol abuse and even infidelity.

Chyna fired back with accusations of Rob violating California's revenge porn laws and claimed he allegedly hit her and threatened to kill himself multiple times. The issue reached the point where restraining orders came into play.

A two-month-long custody war over their 10-month-old daughter later, the two recently agreed to joint custody, as was confirmed by People.

Chyna's attorney Lisa Bloom spoke to People about the case. "Chyna is pleased that Rob has agreed to peacefully coparent Dream with her, as she has been requesting all along," she said.

"Because Rob agreed to continue to stay away from Chyna and not contact her, Chyna has agreed to take the domestic abuse hearing scheduled for Monday, September 18, off calendar. She will always have the right to go back into court if further incidents of domestic abuse occur," she added.

While Bloom also said this agreement "does not resolve all disputes between Chyna and Rob," sources have confirmed to People that "Rob is okay" and everything revolves around Dream, his daughter with Chyna.


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"Ultimately, he mostly cared about hashing out a custody agreement for Dream. He loves his baby girl and she is his focus," said the source.

"Rob and Chyna have other issues they need to figure out, but this is a good start. Rob knows it was a huge mistake to get involved with Chyna, but baby Dream is his world. She's the most special gift."

The support he was receiving from his family was mentioned by the source too. "There's no more 'What did we tell you?' attitude — they just want Rob to move on," they said. "They all love Dream. They want Rob and Chyna to get along because it benefits Dream."