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India vs Pakistan: Who's fighting coronavirus better?

While we do miss the zest on display at the grounds during test matches between India vs Pakistan - but we are definitely not missing out on all the live-action in our homes. The only difference you can see today is that the race to win is not practiced outdoors, but within the confines of our homes, be it in India or Pakistan as nationwide lockdown continues until April 14. Let's compare who's fighting coronavirus better - is it India or Pakistan? Apr 9, 2020
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Anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine can leave Covid-19 patients seriously damaged

With President Trump's announcement in the White House that hydroxychloroquine "will not kill anybody," the potential drug saw an upsurge in global demand and the export ban was soon lifted on India. However, little attention was drawn on why the FDA does not recommend prolonged use of hydroxychloroquine for treating malaria. With no real evidence and clinical trials underway, let's understand the side effects of antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine first. Apr 8, 2020
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Questioning accuracy of India's GDP growth rate projections: Should you believe the numbers?

Bringing to your notice, the government has reduced the base to show higher GDP growth rate under the Modi government leadership in the recent past. As recently, KPMG also released a Covid-19 impact report on the Indian economy taking into account, perhaps the inaccurate numbers released by MOSPI through time as the base. We question the GDP calculation methodologies established and fundamentals in place, to understand if the growth numbers projected are accurate or not. Apr 4, 2020
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UAE allows private companies to change employee contracts: How will this impact foreign workers?

With coronavirus scare and lockdown threatening employee job security across industries and particularly those of foreign workers abroad, an announcement by UAE's Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation allowing private companies to change their contracts with employees could indicate layoffs and pay cuts for the migrant workforce. Let's gauge the impact of this move on foreign workers. Mar 30, 2020
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Coronavirus phishing scams on the rise; guide to stay safe

Cybercriminals have been capitalising on the coronavirus fears of masses and cashing on the times of nationwide lockdown by sending across phishing emails to users to hack into their personal information and financial data. How do you stay aware and alert? Mar 30, 2020
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Indian startups pull out all stops to make a difference amid Coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus spreads across global frontiers, startups are forced to deal with nationwide lockdown, working capital issues and liquidity crunch challenging their continuity plans and short-term growth goals. Despite these, Indian startups leave no stone unturned to extend their funding support and collaborative efforts to root out coronavirus pandemic from the system. Here's a sneak peek on few startup contributions: Mar 28, 2020