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Coronavirus in India Play

China's slowdown and disruption in supply: Impact of coronavirus outbreak on global trade

With the widespread coronavirus attack on a global rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to sustain the growth momentum through the last few weeks. The trade and business in India has been worst hit by $348-million, according to a UNCTAD report. This is much lesser in comparison to the impact borne by the world's leading economies - the EU, the US, Japan and South Korea. Mar 12, 2020
cryptocurrency Play

Cryptocurrency ban lifted by RBI in India: What the SC ruling means?

The SC lifted the cryptocurrency ban imposed by RBI in early 2018, which prevented financial institutions in India from providing banking services to cryptocurrency companies. Industry experts hail SC's bold move, but advise users on exercising caution trading in crypto and companies to improve AML policies and ensure data privacy. Mar 5, 2020
Schemes by Ministry of Finance for Women Empowerment in India Play

Women's Day 2020: Women empowerment schemes in India since 2014

Besides allocation of Rs. 16712.72 crore under the Stand-Up India scheme for women empowerment, the Ministry of Finance has launched various schemes with special provisions to benefit women and help them accentuate their dreams in the last six years, since 2014. Mar 3, 2020