RGV's movie Power Star still
RGV's movie Power Star stillTwitter

The stills, posters, songs, and trailer of Power Star have generated a huge hype and curiosity about the film. As per our box office prediction, Ram Gopal Varma is likely to earn Rs 15 crore from the movie.

The promos of Power Star have grabbed many eyeballs and generated a massive amount of hype and curiosity about the movie. Ram Gopal Varma has announced to release the film on his personal OTT platform pay per view model on July 25. He has already made the advance booking available on July 22.

Ram Gopal Varma is giving a discount of Rs 100 per view if you book the ticket before the movie hits the cinema halls on Saturday. You can book your ticket to watch Power Star, by paying Rs 150 before July 25. If you book it after it hits the internet, you will have to pay Rs 250 per view. The filmmaker has made his plans to curb its online leak and piracy.

The director had announced its trailer of Power Star on pay per view model on July 22 and asked his fans to pay Rs 25 per view. But unfortunately, one of his office staff leaked the trailer, which was made available to watch for free on the YouTube channel of the leading movie portal. The 4.03-minute-long video had registered over 6 lakh views before it was taken down from YouTube.

Power Star movie still
Power Star movie stillTwitter

This alleged leak forced Ram Gopal Varma to release the trailer of Power Star on his YouTube channel to watch it for free. The filmmaker has assured to refund the amount (Rs 25) to the people, who have paid to watch it. The trailer has garnered 24 lakh views on his official YouTube channel in 24 hours. The video has received a total of 30 lakh views from both its alleged and official release.

This number (30 lakh views) is really huge and shows the curiosity and hype surrounding Power Star. Even if the full movie, which is set for online release on July 25, gets 1/3 of the number, its viewership stands at 10 lakh. If these 10 lakh views get an average of Rs 150 per view, RGV will get a whopping amount of Rs 15 crore from this much talked about controversial movie, which is based on the life of Pawan Kalyan.

Ram Gopal Varma recently released two short adult movies, which have got him decent profit shares. The trailer of Naked has got 17 lakh views on YouTube so far. This movie was also released online on pay per view model and Rs 100 was the price per view. RGV had claimed that the movie had registered a sale of 23,560 tickets sold in just 30 minutes. He has not released details of total ticket sales.

Many Pawan Kalyan fans are furious with the promos of Power Star and they will boycott watching the film. But many neutral viewers are curious to watch the movie. Considering the hype surrounding it, the matter of 10 views is not a big deal for the film. It should be seen whether it will really get such huge viewership.