Dr Nutan Naidu's Paranna Jeevi logo poster
Dr Nutan Naidu's Paranna Jeevi logo posterPR Handout

Pawan Kalyan fan, Dr Nutan Naidu is all set to give Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV a taste of his own medicine, as he will release his movie Parannageevi online with controversial film Power Star on July 25.

People have seen Ram Gopal Varma ridiculing prominent personalities by either making films on them or by making sarcastic or satirical remarks on social media. While admirers of RGV have enjoyed his directorial antics, his eccentric ideas have hurt the sentiments of people on whom the films were made. When was the last time you have seen someone taking on filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma? Bemused?

Recently, RGV announced that he is making a film Power Star, which is a satirical take on Pawan Kalyan. The actor's fans are furious with the movie and have been trolling him. Now, in what could be possibly termed as an 'act of vengeance', the buzz is that a fan of PK has decided to take on the maverick director. The film titled Parannageevi - Reckless Genetic Virus is scheduled for release online soon.

RGV's movie Power Star still
RGV's movie Power Star stillTwitter

Parannageevi is said to be a satirical drama, which exposes RGV's lifestyle, thought process, filmmaking, lousier pursuits, etc. A source in the know says, "The film Parannageevi will serve as retaliation against RGV for his weird philosophies and absurd viewpoints on subject matters."

Interestingly, director Dr Nutan Naidu has decided to release his debut film Parannageevi on Shreyas ET app on July 25 on the same date of the release of Power Star. So he is about to break the jinx of being at the receiving end of all RGV's mocking; instead of locking horns with the filmmaker in his own style.

Power Star movie still featuring Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi's lookalikes
Power Star movie still featuring Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi's lookalikesTwitter

Nutan Naidu was a huge admirer of Pawan Kalyan. He was also associated with Chiranjeevi's Praja Rajyam Party. He entered the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 and was evicted from the house on 53rd day. He re-entered the show as wildcard entrant on 68th day and eliminated on 84th day. He hogged the limelight with his stint on the show. His admiration for the power star mad many supports him.

However, Dr Nutan Naidu is entering the film industry as a director two years after Bigg Boss Telugu 2. There is a lot of curiosity about his film. While both the satirical dramas are creating a lot of buzzes and hitting the right notes, we have wait and watch as to how far Parannageevi and Power Star will fare.