A woman holds a portrait of former US spy agency contractor Edward Snowden in front of her face as she stands in front of the US embassy during a protest in Berlin.

'Hostage Taker' or Whistleblower: Snowden Relevant for Right to Privacy

The CBS interview with Rick Legget, the man in-charge of the Snowden Leak Task Force and the NSA Director, is important in the context of understanding the increasing gap in the high-ranks of the US intelligence agencies, which since 9/11 has been thriving on the fears of the American people. Dec 13, 2013

Delhi Elections: AAP May Form Government, If Allowed

If the political deadlock continues in Delhi, then fresh elections will be unavoidable. But it is fast emerging that the newcomers - AAP party is considering on a minority government. The AAP officials are in discussion over the matter and by Friday evening a final consensus is expected. Dec 13, 2013
British PM David Cameron

UK Eases Visa Rules; India Will Benefit

In the last few months, India too has seen an increased British interest to encourage Indians towards the UK. In the second week of November, British prime minister David Cameron, following his visit to India, in a welcome sign decided to scrap the controversial visa bond scheme. Dec 11, 2013

Besides Re-election, Can Minority Government Help Break BJP-AAP Impasse?

India's political capital Delhi has been facing an impasse for the last three days with Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) failing to reach a decision over the formation of the state government. There now remains a question on whether a re-election will be held or if a minority party will be given a chance. Dec 11, 2013