Groom the Broom: Kejriwal's AAP Must Soon Choose Among Rivals BJP, Congress

For forming a government in the the 70-member Delhi Assembly, a party needs a majority of 36 seats. BJP including its ally Shiromani Akali Dal has 32; AAP has 28 and Congress just eight. And now with BJP stating its intention to be in the opposition, a solution that includes AAP is the only plausible way to avoid the President's rule. Dec 9, 2013

Little India Riot: Incident Raises Fear of Backlash

Little India is located in central Singapore and is quite popular among the expatriates and migrant workers from South Asian countries, such as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, as a weekend hangout place. Dec 9, 2013

Congress Breaks Losing Streak; Wins Mizoram

The party has won 26 seats so far and is leading in five seats in the 40-member state assembly. This is for the fifth time the Congress has come to power here and the win is a consolation for the party that has been decimated in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi. Dec 9, 2013

Thailand’s PM Yingluck Sheds Tears, Requests People not to give up Democracy

After sustained protests in the politically unstable Bangkok, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra pleaded Thai citizens to participate in the upcoming election and implored the anti-government protesters to give up their violence. However, her emotional entreaties fell on deaf ears, with demonstrators poised to topple her. Dec 10, 2013

2014 Elections not About Modi or Rahul, but About Aam Aadmi

In times when a wafer-thin majority can make all the difference, it will be the Lilliputian such as AAP that will give hope to democracy. But the decline of Indian democracy actually started in 1952, with Indian National Congress (INC) coming to power as a political party. Dec 10, 2013