russia-on-alert-after-second-deadly-suicide-bombing Play

Russia on alert after second deadly suicide bombing

At least 14 people were killed Monday when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a packed trolleybus in Volgograd, raising new concerns about security at the Sochi Olympics a day after an attack on the Russian city's train station. Duration: 01:10 Dec 30, 2013
aap-congress-alliance-confirms-gadkaris-remark-vijay-jolly Play

AAP-Congress alliance confirms Gadkari's remark: Vijay Jolly

New Delhi, Dec 30 (ANI): BJP leader Vijay Jolly on Monday backed BJP former president Nitin Gadkari's statement that a deal was brokered between the Congress and the AAP by a reputed industrialist to stop BJP from coming to power in Delhi. Jolly said that AAP and Congress' alliance corroborates that. Dec 30, 2013
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Kerala: 3000 girls from different communities participate in traditional dance

Kerala, Dec 30 (ANI): The state of Kerala, located in southern India is not just a delight for tourists but also it is the forerunner among Indian states in education, living standards, and harmonious coexistence. The mutual affection and co-operation among different communities is visible from the fact that people celebrate all festivals jointly with equal zeal and fervour. Here around three thousand women belonging to different communities performed traditional dance Thiruvathirakali in order to set a record. Dec 30, 2013
finance-ministry-warns-of-strict-action-against-service-tax-evaders-from-new-year Play

Finance Ministry warns of strict action against service tax evaders from New Year

New Delhi, Dec 30 (ANI): The Finance Ministry has invited service tax from all citizens who haven't paid their dues since 2007, and has warned stern action will be taken against tax evaders after the payment scheme finishes on January 01, 2014. Advertising it as the final call to 'come clean', the Customs and Federal Excise department started a 'Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme' (VCES) for service tax defaulters. While addressing a news conference on Monday (December 30), Revenue Secretary, Sumit Bose, said after the last due date of the scheme on December 31, service tax evaders would be subject to arrest and prosecution. Dec 30, 2013
wont-name-anyone-now-this-secret-will-come-out-in-open-soon-gadkari-on-congress-aap-deal-remark Play

Won't name anyone now, this secret will come out in open soon: Gadkari on Congress AAP deal remark

Nagpur, Dec 30 (ANI): BJP leader and former party president Nitin Gadkari on Monday refused to take name of the businessman who, according to him, had allegedly facilitated a deal between the Congress and AAP. He also said that the secret would come out in open soon. Gadkari had alleged that a deal was brokered between the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party by a reputed industrialist to stop BJP from coming to power in Delhi. Dec 30, 2013
modi-shedding-tears-for-riot-victims-an-act-of-utter-hypocrisy-cpi Play

Modi shedding tears for riot victims an act of utter hypocrisy: CPI

Kolkata, Dec 30 (ANI): Supporting Union Law Minister, Kapil Sibal’s stand, CPI leader, Gurudas Dasgupta on Monday said that after so many years just before the elections BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi shedding tears over the 2002 Gujarat riots is definitely a political step. Dec 30, 2013
long-march-raises-the-issue-of-missing-persons-in-balochistan Play

Long march raises the issue of missing persons in Balochistan

Karachi, Dec 30 : Hoping to get justice, these family members of missing persons in Balochistan are walking on foot to wake up the world about atrocities being committed by Pakistan. Initiated by the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons on October 27, 2013, they will travel over 1,374 miles from Quetta to Islamabad for the safe recovery of thousands of abducted Baloch from the custody of Pakistani military and secret agencies. Dec 30, 2013
congress-slams-gadkaris-deal-remark-says-he-should-prove-it Play

Congress slams Gadkaris deal remark, says he should prove it

Lucknow, Dec 30 (ANI): UPCC chief and Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi on Monday slammed former BJP chief Nitin Gadkari for alleging that a deal was brokered between the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party by a reputed industrialist to stop BJP from coming to power in Delhi. Joshi said if Gadkari is making such statement, he should bring some substantial proof. Dec 30, 2013
subramanian-swamy-ridicules-sibals-bogus-education Play

Subramanian Swamy ridicules Sibals bogus education

New Delhi, Dec 30 (ANI): BJP leader, Subramanian Swamy on Monday criticized Union Law Minister, Kapil Sibal for slamming BJP’s PM Candidate, Narendra Modi saying that Sibal’s education was bogus. In his blog, Sibal had said that Modi was 11 years too late to express pain and agony for Gujarat riot victims. Dec 30, 2013