congress-moves-ec-against-bjps-manifesto-over-violation-of-model-code-of-conduct Play

Congress moves EC against BJPs manifesto over violation of model code of conduct

New Delhi, April 07 (ANI): Congress on Monday moved Election Commission against BJP’s election manifesto over violation of model code of conduct. Congress Legal Cell Secretary KC Mittal said that releasing manifesto on polling date is a violation of rules. Further, he said that the party also used religious sentiments which could have incited people’s sentiments and mentioning Ram mandir and Section 370 to garner votes is a violation of rules by the party. Further, Mittal said that the document is a violation of rules as a whole and the Congress party has requested the EC to annul the same. Apr 7, 2014
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LS Polls 2014: Tripura CM Manik Sarkar casts his vote

Agartala, April 07 (ANI): Tripura Chief Minister and CPI leader Manik Sarkar on Monday cast his vote for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Polling in one of the two Lok Sabha seats in Tripura commenced on Monday in the first stage of 2014 general elections. Earlier Sarkar had claimed that there is no Modi wave in Tripura. Apr 7, 2014
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Foreign extremists launch 'jihad' in Syria

United Nations, April 07: Over 140,000 Syrians have lost their lives and more than 9 million are internally displaced or have fled the country since the conflict between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and those opposed to his rule began in March 2011. The fight is grim as the rebels are outnumbered by Islamists and jihadists linked to Al Qaeda. The country is now facing one of the worst civil wars with rise in crimes including torture, hostage-taking, murder and execution. Al Qaeda and the Taliban from Pakistan-Afghan border are now using Syria as a launching pad to carry out strikes against the West. Syria is an attractive region for them since it lies far from the drone strikes. These fighters are skilled in bomb-making, logistics, religious indoctrination and planning. Experts believe that Pakistan is well aware of al Qaeda's strategy in Syria. It is believed that Pakistan is backing al Qaeda fighters in Syria at the behest of Saudi Arabia. During his recent visit to Pakistan, Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz asked for anti-aircraft and anti-tank rockets for the rebels fighting in Syria. Apr 7, 2014
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Politicos condemn BJP's manifesto

New Delhi/ Lucknow, Apr 7 (ANI): Politicos condemned BJP's manifesto which was released with the commencement of general elections in Tripura and Assam on Monday. BSP leader Sudhindra Bhadoria said that BJP is trying to spread communal hatred. CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechury said that BJP's objective is clear that in the guise of the Constitution, they want to go ahead with their Hindutva agenda. SP leader Naresh Agarwal said that to increase corruption and motivate criminals is BJP's real manifesto and rest all is fake. Apr 7, 2014
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Rajnath says promises will be fulfilled as BJP releases manifesto

New Delhi, April 7 (ANI): BJP President Rajnath Singh, during the manifesto release ceremony on Monday said that the promises made in the manifesto will be fulfilled by the party once it comes to power. Further Rajnath also congratulated senior leader Murli Manohar Joshi and other party members responsible for forming the manifesto, which Rajnath said was quite impressive. Singh also stated that BJP will bring a change in the country as is being demanded by the people. Apr 7, 2014
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Indian voters kick off world's biggest election

Indians begin voting in the world's biggest election which is set to sweep the Hindu nationalist opposition to power at a time of low growth, anger about corruption and warnings about religious unrest. Duration: 00:53 Apr 7, 2014
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VHP on BJPs manifesto

Kanpur, April 7 (ANI): VHP leader Prakash Sharma on Monday welcomed the manifesto released by the BJP. Talking about the issue of Ram Mandir construction in Ayodhya, Sharma said that at least there is one party that has boldly said that it will facilitate the temple’s construction. The BJP, in its manifesto, has said that it has given commitment to explore all possibilities to facilitate the Ram Mandir’s construction within the Constitutional framework. Apr 7, 2014
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BJP releases manifesto, Politicos condemn Ram Mandir part among others

New Delhi/ Patna/ Kolkata, April 07 (ANI): As BJP released its manifesto with the commencement of general elections in Tripura and Assam, politicos condemned ‘Ram mandir’ part among others mentioned in the same. Congress leader Rashid Alvi said that they have copied a lot from Congress’ manifesto. He also said that no constitution allows demolition of any temple or mosque. Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh also condemned it and said that BJP has always advertised the name of Ram and caste. JD (U) leader KC Tyagi also lashed out at BJP manifesto. Meanwhile, CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta said that under the guise of Constitution, BJP is coming out with their old ‘Ram Mandir’ slogan. Apr 7, 2014
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BJP releases election manifesto as 2014 poll begins

New Delhi, April 07 (ANI): BJP on Monday released its election manifesto for the general elections which commenced today with Tripura and Assam going for polls, promising "modern, prosperous and vibrant India based on ethos and values". Releasing the manifesto, party leader Murli Manohar Joshi said that BJP consulted people from all sections of society before finalising the manifesto. The much-awaited manifesto summarized basic issues facing the nation today, including price rise, health, security, employment, black money, policy paralysis and poor delivery or services, among others. Apr 7, 2014
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Congress alone can counter BJPs divisive ideology: Manmohan Singh

Kochi, April 07 (ANI): Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lashing out at Bharatiya Janata Party, said that the Congress alone could counter the "divisive ideology" of BJP and its misleading propaganda against the ruling government in handling graft cases as well as developmental issues. Singh addressed a public rally in Kochi in Kerala endorsing the economic development achieved during the Congress led UPA government. While addressing the rally, Singh also took jibes at the Left saying that its stock was bound to dwindle further in the future unless they changed in tune with the times. Apr 7, 2014
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Rahul Gandhi lashed out at BJP for trying to divide people on communal lines

New Delhi, April 07 (ANI): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi launches a scathing attack on Bharatiya Janata Party over its attempt to “divide the society on communal lines”. In a bid to garner votes ahead of general elections, Gandhi alleged that former Delhi government headed by Aam Aadmi Party chose an escapist route and shrugged off their responsibilities. Gandhi further, slammed BJP for trying to project Modi as the answer to all the issues faced by the people of the country. Gandhi also added that he would continue his fight for 33 percent reservation for women empowerment. Apr 7, 2014
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Two FIRs lodged against Amit Shah, EC ensured action

Kolkata, April 07 (ANI): Trouble mounts for BJP leader Amit Shah after Bijnor authorities lodged second FIR against him for his ‘hate speech’ in the district, and the outburst is under the scrutiny of the Election Commission. Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath ensured of action against Shah if he is found guilty of making alleged hate speech. While addressing voters for parliament polls in Bijnor, Shah allegedly said it was an election for honour and to take revenge for the insult heaped on them. The BJP leader also added that it was an election to teach a lesson to those who did injustice. Apr 7, 2014