preity-zinta-files-molestation-complaint-against-ness-wadia Play

Preity Zinta files molestation complaint against Ness Wadia

Mumbai, June 14 (ANI): Bollywood actor Preity Zinta, who is also co-owner of Kings XI Punjab cricket team, has filed a police complaint at Marine Drive police station in Mumbai against her former boyfriend and businessman Ness Wadia. Preity has accused Wadia of molesting, abusing and threatening her inside Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. On May 30, an IPL match between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings was played at the Wankhede stadium. Preity stated that during the match, while in the Garware Pavilion, Wadia came up to her, grabbed her by the hand and started using abusive words in front of other spectators. Jun 14, 2014
fatal-collision-of-two-vehicles-kills-6-and-leaves-11-injured-in-gujarat Play

Fatal collision of two vehicles kills 6 and leaves 11 injured in Gujarat

Anand, June 14 (ANI): Six people were killed and 11 injured after a jeep carrying labourers collided with a truck in Anand district of Gujarat. Among the injured, three are in a critical state and they have been admitted to the hospital. The dead include three women and children. After the preliminary investigation at the accident site, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Anand, MK Parmar, said the cause of the accident could be a narrow ditch. Jun 14, 2014
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Tattoos, accessories and haircuts of soccer players define new style statement

West Bengal/ Karnataka/ Tamil Nadu, June 14 (ANI): Wearing soccer team t-shirts and accessories, styled with tattoos and haircuts of players Indians street dance to the tune of drum beats as FIFA World Cup frenzy grips the nation. Soccer is a great game, and the rich variety of styles and passions that come with being truly global makes the World Cup a nonpareil event in the universe of competitive sport. Indian soccer lovers in Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai took to street as FIFA world cup kicks off in Brazil. Even though India does not figure highly among soccer playing nations, there is palpable excitement among sports fans for the world's biggest sporting extravaganza. Jun 14, 2014
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Tamil Nadu holds 'Renergy 2014' to encourage use of renewable energy

Chennai, June 14 (ANI): A three-day exhibition on renewable energy sources, 'Renergy 2014' was held in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu, starting Thursday. Hundreds of Indian and international companies set up stalls to exhibit products and participated in conferences and seminars that covered larger use of renewable energy sources. They discussed the use of solar energy, wind energy, waste to energy, biomass and energy efficiency in India. The aim of the exhibition was to give private companies a common platform where ideas on sustainable power generation could be exchanged. Companies showcased latest products and gave live demonstrations highlighting concepts and prevailing trends in renewable energy. Jun 14, 2014
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DRC doctors report more rapes, younger victims

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been one of the countries in focus during London's End Sexual Violence in Conflict Summit and two doctors hope the summit will prove a turning point in fighting sexual violence back home. Duration: 00:43 Jun 14, 2014
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Nobel laureate sees need for culture change to beat rape

Liberia's nobel peace laureate Leymah Gbowee believes the summit in London on combating rape in warzones will help compel governments to tackle sexual violence, while acknowledging it would be impossible to 'block out' rape from war. Duration: 00:45 Jun 14, 2014
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UN Human Rights Commission reports on Iraq casualties

The UN's human rights chief Friday condemned reports of extrajudicial killings in Iraq as jihadists advance across the north, warning that vulnerable civilians were trapped or being targeted by the militants. Duration: 00:44 Jun 14, 2014
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Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt lend star power to rape summit

US Secretary of State John Kerry affirmed Washington had taken immediate steps to shore up assistance to Iraq in its fight against a jihadist offensive. He spoke at the closing of a conference co-hosted by actress Angelina Jolie. Duration: 00:55 Jun 14, 2014
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New York's High Line celebrates fifth birthday

New York's High Line - a public park built on elevated former train tracks - is celebrating its fifth birthday, with officials claiming it attracts more tourists than the Statue of Liberty. Duration: 01:33 Jun 14, 2014
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50 years on, US school segregation still casts a shadow

50 years ago, US Supreme Court established the right to public education for all races. But in rural Virginia, black students were shut out of school for 6 more years because the county closed down the public school system. Duration: 02:51 Jun 14, 2014