flight-mh17-hit-by-numerous-high-energy-objects-probe Play

Flight MH17 hit by numerous 'high energy objects': probe

A Malaysian passenger jet which blew up over rebel-held east Ukraine with the loss of all 298 people on board was hit by numerous "high-energy objects", according to a report which could back up claims it was downed by a missile. Duration: 00:51 Sep 10, 2014
british-pm-heads-to-scotland-as-independence-vote-looms Play

British PM heads to Scotland as independence vote looms

British Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition leader Ed Miliband said in a joint statement they would travel to Scotland on Wednesday as polls show those for and against independence evenly split ahead of next week's referendum. Duration: 01:12 Sep 10, 2014
abdullah-insists-he-won-disputed-afghan-election Play

Abdullah insists he won disputed Afghan election

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah insists that he has won the country's disputed election, dimming hopes that a power-sharing deal could soon be agreed to end the prolonged political crisis. Duration: 00:53 Sep 10, 2014
grape-harvest-in-rome-underway Play

Grape harvest in Rome underway

A wine brotherhood from the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France helps pick grapes at the church of the Trinità dei Monti in Rome. Duration: 00:44 Sep 10, 2014
british-cancer-stricken-boy-has-chance-of-recovery Play

British cancer-stricken boy has chance of recovery

Cancer-striken boy Ashya King, whose case grabbed headlines after his parents removed him from a British hospital, was undergoing scans in Prague Tuesday as Czech doctors said he could have a 70 percent chance of survival. Duration: 00:47 Sep 9, 2014
mdmk-stage-protest-over-sri-lankan-presidents-participation-in-un-general-assembly Play

MDMK stage protest over Sri Lankan President's participation in UN General Assembly

Chennai, Sep 09 (ANI): Members of MDMK on Tuesday took to streets in Tamil Nadu, against participation of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in UN General Assembly on September 25. Accusations of atrocities have been rife since the end in May 2009 of conflict between ethnic Tamil separatist rebels and Sri Lankan government forces that killed more than 100,000 people. Tens of thousands are unaccounted for. On Tuesday, MDMK chief Vaiko led the protest in Chennai and said Rajapaksa had insulted the dignity of the United Nations. In May, the Sri Lankan unit of Transparency International said the defense ministry had ordered the cancellation of a course on investigative journalism for Tamil reporters. Mob protests forced the cancellation of a second course in June. Sep 9, 2014
poorness-not-god-gifted-but-changeable-german-ambassador-as-he-takes-rice-bucket-challenge Play

Poorness not god gifted but changeable: German ambassador as he takes 'rice bucket challenge'

New Delhi, Sep 09 (ANI): German ambassador to India Michael Steiner on Tuesday took a rice bucket challenge at a slum area of New Delhi. Modifying the popular ice bucket challenge, Steiner took the rice bucket challenge wherein he distributed buckets of rice to poor people and said that poorness is not god gifted and is totally changeable. He talked with the residents of the slum while distributing rice to them and said that this was much needed and valuable than the ice bucket challenge. Steiner also said that the German Embassy is partners with a hospital in Baramulla and announced to send Rs 25 lakh for basic healthcare to flood hit Kashmir. Sep 9, 2014
aap-lusty-for-power-we-will-respond-to-lg-if-he-invites-bjp Play

AAP lusty for power, we will respond to LG if he invites: BJP

New Delhi, Sep 09 (ANI): President of BJP’s Delhi unit, Satish Upadhyay on Tuesday slammed the Aam Admi Party for its constant blames on BJP with regard to government formation in Delhi. Upadhyay said that AAP is lusty for power which is evident from the fact that its Chief Arvind Kejriwal quit as CM before Lok Sabha polls. Upadhyay further said that Kejriwal has double standards and he can do anything to come to power. He added that BJP stands clear that if Lieutenant Governor gives an invitation to BJP for government formation, the party will critically analyse it. Sep 9, 2014
maharashtra-congress-dispatch-relief-materials-to-flood-hit-jandk Play

Maharashtra Congress dispatch relief materials to flood hit JandK

Mumbai, Sep 09 (ANI): Congress party in Maharashtra, on Tuesday extended help to victims in flood-ravaged Jammu and Kashmir and dispatched relief materials. Indian-administered Kashmir is experiencing worst flooding in 60 years, killing at least 175 and inundating homes, military bases and hospitals in region's main city Srinagar as the Jhelum river overflowed its banks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi termed it as a national disaster and announced 1000 crore rupees in disaster relief payments, as well as compensation to victims and their relatives. On Tuesday, the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee dispatched rubber boats to help rescue operations in the valley. Meanwhile, at least 38 people were feared dead after a landslide, triggered by heavy rains, submerged an entire village in Udhampur district in Kashmir. Sep 9, 2014