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Flood damaged foot-over Bridge in Kashmir remains a hazard for villagers

Rajouri, Nov 27 (ANI): A foot-over Bridge damaged in the floods that devastated the state of Jammu and Kashmir in September this year remains unrepaired, forcing villagers to cross the river flowing below at immense peril to their lives. Hundreds of people were killed and thousands of villages were devastated by the worst flooding in decades in the Kashmir valley. People risk their lives crossing the bridge by holding on to the steel ropes of the destroyed bridge. The villagers said that more than three months on, the bridge has not been repaired. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced 5.7 billion rupees in assistance for housing and 1.8 billion rupees to fix six major hospitals in the state that are in poor condition and need immediate federal support. Meanwhile, Sub-District Magistrate, Sukh Pal Singh, said that the bridge has sustained heavy damages. Nov 27, 2014
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Syria air strikes on IS group stronghold kill 95 people

A video posted on a YouTube channel close to the Islamic State organization on November 25 shows rescuers coming to the aid of the victims of an explosion in Raqa. AFP has verified the location through inscriptions on vehicles. Duration: 00:51 Nov 27, 2014
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Ukraine's elderly struggle to get their pension

The ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine is preventing elderly Ukrainians from accessing their pensions because they can only access their money by registering in government-controlled territories. Duration: 01:01 Nov 27, 2014
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DMK leader Khushboo Sundar joins Congress

New Delhi, Nov 26 (ANI): South Indian actress and former DMK Spokesperson, Khushboo Sundar on Wednesday joined the Congress party. Sundar said that she was honoured to join Congress as she always wanted to be a part of the party and felt like at home after joining it. She said that she would be focusing on the development of the entire country, not just Tamil Nadu. She also said that only Congress party can keep the nation united. Nov 26, 2014