'Pokemon Go:' After Canada release, when will India, Singapore, Japan and other Asian countries get it?

'Pokemon Go:' Asian fans file online petition asking for release of the game.

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"Pokemon Go," the Augmented Reality video game which has triggered fan frenzy and become an instant hit, is now available in Canada too.

Players in Canada were quite frustrated with the delayed release, even as its neighbour, the United States, received the game on July 6.

Following the game's release in North America, Europe (30 countries), Australia, U.K and New Zealand, the next likely release destination could be Asia.

The continent is not only the home to Pokemon — Nintendo is headquartered in Japan â€” it also has the largest number of Pokemon fans.

Asian countries like India, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China are some of the biggest markets for gaming, but still have to wait for the official release of the game.

Meanwhile, India has already been bitten by the "Pokemon Go" craze, with many players (though playing using APK file) getting hooked to it. Players have already decided to upgrade the internet data package of their device from 3G to 4G. Some players who did not own a power bank have already ordered one (Pokemon Go is known to drain batteries as it uses GPS and needs internet connectivity). Pokemon India fans are clearly disappointed by its late launch.

Many fans have already started playing the game by installing APK file, even as they fervently wait for the Pokemon Go app to appear on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Sadly, the game is not yet available on Windows Phones.

"Pokemon Go" — Reddit thread

Pokemon fans have started a Reddit thread that constantly monitors "Pokemon Go" availability in Asia. The thread is updated every hour.

"Pokemon Go" — Online Petition for early Asian release

Asian fans have also filed an online petition, urging developers Niantic to release the game early.

The petition partly reads, "We plead with Niantic, and the creators of Pokemon Go to please release it in Asia. The lack of updates that you are giving us has left us sadness and losing hope that we will even be able to enjoy the game at all. We sit here, not able to do anything, while you open servers for other countries and regions around us...You have let down the very fans who are from the birth place of Pokemon. You have let down millions of us."

The petition currently has about 6,600 signatures, with the goal being 10,000 signatures.

Niantic has, on its part, promised to continue its rollout to newer countries.

"Pokemon Go" makes use of the player's camera device to project virtual Pokemon, which players have to catch and train in the Gym. Pokemon can also be transferred to Professor Willow, who will reward players with candies. Newer Pokemon and consumable items in the game are normally found at PokeStops.

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