The craze for Nintendo's Pokemon Go is palpable. It turned into an international sensation soon after its release in a few countries, but in the mean time, it has left gamers in Japan, India, Canada and several other countries dry. Sadly, the makers of the game are yet to reveal the release schedule across the globe.

Pokemon Go, an augmented reality mobile game that lets players catch Pokemon, was released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand on July 6 before spreading to a few other countries like the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

John Hanke, the chief executive of Niantic that developed Pokemon GO jointly with Nintendo, has said in an interview to Reuters that the game will be released in around 200 countries soon. However, he didn't reveal the exact release date, leaving gamers around the globe confused. 

It is reported that Pokemon Go will be released in Canada next week, and might soon come to Japan. Surprisingly, the game is yet to hit South Korea and China, which are one of the world's biggest gaming markets. A late launch will surely disappoint mobile game lovers from these countries.

It is still not known when Pokemon Go will be released in India but it is expected to happen soon, perhaps along with other Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines and others.

Interestingly, gamers in countries where the Pokemon Go hasn't been released are playing the game by installing it via APK file though it is unofficial application software with possible threat of malware.

The popular augmented reality mobile game is compatible only to Android and iOS devices.