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"Pokemon Go," the sensational Augmented Reality (AR)-based mobile video game from "Ingress" game makers, Niantic and Nintendo has created a worldwide craze never seen before. The game lets players hunt and catch virtual Pokemon using camera of the mobile device. Players will have to throw the virtual PokeBall to catch virtual Pokemon that will appear on the device screen.

Moreover, "Pokemon Go" app is powered by the smartphone's GPS, which reveals players the nearest PokeStop (in-game shops) and the possible places, where players called Trainers will get the Pokemon. Trainers have to walk through the neighbourhood to catch Pokemon. The Pokemon that are caught are taken to Gym (where they can used to battle with others) or transferred to the Professor. Trainers will also gain rewards and have to level up to gain higher level Pokemon.

'Pokemon Go' guide: Level up and Evolve I Earn free PokeCoins I List of unlockable items I Track nearby Pokemon

"Pokemon Go" is currently available in around 34 countries, but is pending in countries like Japan, Canada, India, Singapore and others. Currently the game is only available on iOS and Android devices.

"Pokemon Go" has a lot of consumables that becomes handy to Trainers as they can use it to level up and gain more items. Gaming blog, Gamepur has shared a guide that lists all the consumable items in the game and how to use them appropriately.

There are a variety of consumables which can be found while players start playing "Pokemon Go" and by visiting the PokeStops or buying it in the shops using PokeCoins and real money. Consumables include PokeBalls, Potions, Revives, Lure Items, Berries and Eggs.


They are the main tools that are used to catch a Pokemon. There will be 50 PokeBalls to start with but Trainers can increase their numbers by hanging out near PokeStops and waiting for free drops or by purchasing new. There are four types of PokeBalls in "Pokemon Go" and they are unlocked by levelling up the Trainer.


When players/Trainers start with the game, PokeBall will be the default ball that will be at their disposal. This is effective right from Level 1.

  • Unlocks at Level 1

Great Ball

PokeBall's upgraded version is the Great Ball. This ball features better catch rate and is more effective to catch Pokemon with higher CP (Combat Points).

  • Unlocks at Level 12

Ultra Ball

The Ultra Ball is the upgraded version of the PokeBall with twice the catch rate of a normal PokeBall and is effective on Rare Pokemon with a higher CP.

  • Unlocks at Level 20

Master Ball

Master Ball is "the" PokeBall as it is used to capture Super Rare and Legendary Pokemon in the game. This ball has 100 percent success rate in catching any Pokemon.

  • Unlocks at Level 30


Potions are used to replenish the Pokemon that are wounded after the Gym battles.


This is the Standard Potion available from the Level 5 where Gym is unlocked and Pokemon is in a ready to fight mode. Potion is known to restore 20 HP (Hit Point).

  • Unlocks at Level 5

Super Potion

Super Potion are even more effective than normal Potion and can restore around 50 HP of the Pokemon that is wounded.

  • Unlocks at Level 10

Hyper Pokemon

Hyper Potion is the upgraded version of the Super Potion. It can restore around 200 HP of a Pokemon that is wounded.

  • Unlocks at Level 15

Max Potion

Max Potion is the Elixir of Potions. It will restore any wounded Pokemon, irrespective of the Pokemon's HP. It will max out the HP bar of the Pokemon it is used on.

  • Unlocks at Level 25


Revives are used on Pokemon that faint, and this happens when the HP is reduced to zero.

Normal Revive

This is the standard Revive available at Level 5, when Gym Battle unlocks and Pokemon is in its ready to fight mode. Normal Revive restores 50 percent of HP.

  • Unlocks at Level 5

Max Revive

The Upgraded version of Revive is the Max Revive which works like Max Potion. No matter what HP your Pokemon is the Max Revive will restore the entire HP bar.

  • Unlocks at Level 30

Lure Items


Incense Item has the ability to attract wild Pokemon that is in hiding to the location where it is deployed, thanks to its virtual aromatic scent. The Item can last for 30 minutes and can be used everywhere. Players will be given two Incense when they start. Rest of it must be bought from PokeStop, they are bought in batches of 1, 8 or 25.

  • Unlocks at Level 1

Lure Module

Lure Modules are termed as sophisticated version of Incense Items. They too attract Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes, but unlike Incense, all the players who are interacting at that given time with the PokeStop are benefited by it. It can be brought from the shop in either one or eight groups.

  • Unlocks at Level 1


Berries are used to kind of befriend a Pokemon by feeding it, thus making it easy to capture on the second move. Currently there is only one type of Berry that is found in "Pokemon Go."

Razz Berries

When Trainers encounter a Pokemon, Razz Berry can be used to feed a wild Pokemon. This makes it easier to catch.

  • Unlocks at Level 8


Eggs have the ability to double the XP for a limited time and it may hatch a new Pokemon.

Normal Egg

These are eggs that are found at PokeStops. Once players find them, place it in the incubator and have to walk a particular distance if it has to hatch. There are 3 different types of Normal Eggs - 2K, 5K and 10K.

  • Unlocks at Level 1

Lucky Egg

Having a Lucky Egg will double the amount of XP Trainers earn in a particular time period.

  • Unlocks at Level 1

Egg Incubator

Placing an Egg in an incubator lets Trainers hatch it into a Pokemon. But they will have to walk the distance to make it hatch.

  • Unlocks at Level 1 

'Pokemon Go' guide: Level up and Evolve I Earn free PokeCoins I List of unlockable items I Track nearby Pokemon