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The recent release of "Pokemon Go" in the United States has brought new excitement among Pokemon fans as it allows players to catch, battle, and trade a virtual Pokemon appearing in the real world. This new game is based on augmented reality.

"Pokemon Go" was released on July 6 for iOS and Android devices.

As some players have been having trouble tracking nearby Pokemon, Reddit users Lastminuteguy and DankDarko have shared a method that helps them track down Pokemon.

Here is the step-by-step process to track nearby Pokemon in "Pokemon Go:"

Step 1: Open up the nearby list and decide which Pokemon you want to find.

Step 2: Keep walking in a direction until you see that Pokemon move a spot in the list. If it moves closer to the upper left corner you're walking towards that Pokemon so continue walking that way. If it moves down the list, track back and choose another direction to walk in.

Step 3: Continue to triangulate until you find your Pokemon (also pay attention to the 'footsteps' underneath the Pokemon, these should go down from 3>2>1>none).

Step 4: Benefit.

Meanwhile, DankDarko offered an Edit to the story from Lastminuteguy. He added, "The Pokemon in the first slot of the nearby menu is closer to you than the poke in the ninth slot and so on down the line. This will help you zero in on the Pokemon you are trying to hunt down." He further noted that sometimes the GPS was miscalculating but they had four people hunting down the Pokemon on the nearby menu for an hour and they were met with success.

The Reddit user also explained that the list works in a way that it "sorts the Pokemon based on distance from your current location." However, he had also added the word "seems" as he too was not sure if it works for all. So players will have to be cautious with the above steps.