Pokemon GO
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"Pokemon Go", the newest AR-enabled catch-that-Pokemon and GPS powered game from developer Niantic, allows players to players to catch, battle, trade a virtual Pokemon appearing in the real world.

The game was released for iOS and Android devices and will be available soon in the rest of the world.

After the beginners guide, trainers in the game would want to move ahead and see their Pokemon becoming stronger or perhaps even see it evolve.

Two items are at players' disposal after they try to catch a Pokemon – Stardust and Candy.

Levelling up guide

Unlink other Pokemon games, in "Pokemon Go" the levelling up is simpler, revealed iDigitalTimes in a post. Players have to check the information sheet of a Pokemon, which shows the Stardust and Candy gauges. Players can fill up their Stardust gauge by catching more Pokemon. Players will receive about 100 Stardust for the Pokemon caught.

Once players have reached the mark, they can hit the Power Up button to see the Pokemon levelling up.

Evolution guide

In "Pokemon Go", levelling up a Pokemon is easier than Pokemon evolution, as it is a time- consuming feat. Players will need a big number of Candy. Moreover, the Candy is found only at specific Pokemon.

Players are advised to catch the same species of Pokemon as it would fill the Candy gauge quicker.

Players will have to use the 'Transfer' option, which releases the Pokemon into the wild,  enabling players to get Pokemon Candy from the Professor.

Players will also get Candy when an Egg hatches, but it will be based on Pokemon that was hatched.

Players are advised to hold on to the Pokemon they want to evolve and transfer the rest. They can do this till they hit on the number they need for the Pokemon to evolve. Once the gauge is full, player can click on the Evolve button.

Farming Candy and Stardust

According to IBTimes UK, in order to farm Candy and Stardust, players need to see that they have more encounters with the Pokemon of specific kind. So players were advised to use items like Incense and Lure Modules. Using these items will attract Pokemon to a single location.

It is also important to note that Lure Module item can be used for both the player and other trainers in the area and at PokeStops. It draws Pokemon to a particular area. Incense on the other hand will help only the player who has deployed it. Once deployed, the items will be effective to about 30 minutes.

After catching the Pokemon, transfer them so that it will help receive more Candy. It was also revealed that this method gives players a chance to high Combat Points (CP)-level Pokemon initially.