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"Pokemon Go" has caught the imagination of Pokemon players following its release on July 6 for both iOS and Android devices. Further, the game is free-to-play letting players capture, train, battle and trade virtual Pokemon appearing in the real world.

Players are also notified if there is a new Pokemon in their area via the optional wearable device Pokemon Go Plus.

But before players head out to catch Pokemon in the wilderness of real world, here are some tips, tricks and guide to become a trainer and a master. The guide was shared in a post on technology blog iDigitalTimes.

"Pokemon Go" guide for beginners

Players will have to customise their trainer as soon as they enter the game. They have to name the trainer and choose the Pokemon that they want to begin with.

To start, players will have to choose from these classic Gen 1 starters - Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle.

After players have caught their first Pokemon, the app will show players, using the device's GPS landmarks like PokeStops and Gyms. The app will adapt the Google Maps to the game. Players must note that they will only be able to access the landmarks when they move closer to such locations.

Players can check the nearest Pokemon by pulling up the menu that is on the bottom right corner of the screen. The nearest Pokemon features zero footprint and the farthest will feature three footprints.

As players travel and catch new Pokemon, they will gain experience and level up as trainers.

How to catch a Pokemon

Unlink other Pokemon games, there are a few factors in "Pokemon Go" that determine the catchability of Pokemon.

These factors include, Pokmeon's CP level, Poke Ball type, throwing technique and so on. 

Players must note that if they are not quick in deploying the Poke Ball, the Pokemon might run away.

Players will need to perfect their throwing technique – it includes the angling and the force behind each throw (players will have to flick the ball on the touchscreen and direct it towards the Pokemon).

If AR is switched on, try centring the Pokemon on the screen. The device must be steady as players throw the ball. It is advised that the AR be switched off for easier experience as Pokemon will remain in the centre if it is switched off.

At the location of the Pokemon, players will see a small ring (green in colour) inside a circle. Players must throw their Poke Ball when the ring is the smallest.

It must be noted that the environments determine the type of Pokemon players would be able to catch. If there is a water body close by then expect water Pokemon and so on.

If a player uses the item Incense, they will be able to draw Pokemon towards them for a good 30 minutes. This item will be handy if players are having trouble to find any Pokemon.

Traits of Pokemon

After catching a Pokemon, players will have to look at the abilities it has and what it is capable of. The game features Command Points (CP), which allows us to understand how well the Pokemon can fight. Higher CP means that the Pokemon in question has a better chance of winning against its rival in a battle.

Players must also note that some Pokemon of the same species have different CP, so they must be careful when training them as they have to see to it that they have the highest CP Pokemon. A Trainer with higher level will get higher CP Pokemon.

Levelling up of Pokemon

In order to level up a Pokemon, players must use the Stardust that they would have received when capturing Pokemon.

It must be noted that when a Pokemon evolves, there are extra steps like Transfering, which involves the Professor and some Pokemon-specific candies.

What are PokeStops

PokeStops are places that players can go to collect items and Eggs. These are shown in blue squares on the map of the game. When players are close to the PokeStop they will have to spin the medal and items will drop.

Each of the PokeStop has a cool down period, so players have to check this before heading there.


Players might also find Eggs, when they are gathering items at PokeStops that will eventually hatch into Pokemon. However, players need to walk a particular distance if they want the Eggs to hatch.

The longer the distance a player walks, the rarer is the Pokemon he/she might find when it finally hatches.

Players need Incubators if they want to hatch the Eggs. However, every player is given only one Egg that can be hatched at a given time, unless of course, players are ready to shell out money to buy a new incubator.


"Pokemon Go" has numerous items at the disposal of players, two such are already mentioned, Incense and Incubator. Players will be able to collect them at PokeStops

But for those players interested in buying it, the game offers microtransactions, which means players can shell out real money to buy these items. Players will have to buy Poke Dollars to buy items.

Players will get Poke Dollars by levelling up and by performing certain tasks in the game, but it takes longer time. Microtransactions can be used to shorten the process.

Battling Pokemon/ Training in Gym

Trainers who reach Level 5 are able to join teams like Red, Blue or Yellow and start to battle Gyms.

Players can assign a Pokemon to either an open Gym or to a Gym where a team member has already placed one of the Pokemon. Players will be able to set only one Pokemon per player at a particular Gym.

Gyms can be found at real locations, similar to PokeStops in the game.

Those who want to take on another team's Gym, check the stats first. Prestige is an important thing in the game when you take on Pokemon of another Gym.

Training in your own Gym increases its Prestige and losing to rival Gym team's Pokemon decreases the Prestige.

In order to train a Pokemon, player has to visit a Gym, which is controlled by the team. Once the player is in the Gym, battle against your own teammate's Pokemon.

Defeating all the Pokemon will notch up the Prestige of your Gym. This would make it difficult for other players when they battle against Pokemon of your Gym.

In the event of Gym's Prestige going down to zero, the defending team will be losing control of the Gym and another player can take control, but they have to assign a Pokemon to protect the Gym.

Note that the Gyms are a team effort so players must check back to their team's Gyms once in a while to train the Pokemon.

Healing and Reviving a Pokemon

Pokemon can be damaged during battles and even faint and this might happen even when a player has won the battle. While the Pokemon does heal automatically, players will have to use special items that can be used to heal and revive them.