Japanese Army

Japan announces big military push (Opinion)

After Germany, Japan becomes the second country to overhaul its military in the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war and increasing Chinese belligerence, writes Asad Mirza, political commentator and media consultant based in New Delhi. Dec 19, 2022

Working children can secure a better future for retired parents: Experts

Retirement is a much needed break and well deserved for senior citizens.A recent study states nuclear families are violating the human rights of senior citizens in India who end up living a lonely life.Children should help and guide retiring parents to settle into the new normal. Nov 18, 2021
Nathan Khider

Nathan Khider- Understanding his Why

he plan from day one was to be able to set up the 'Nathan K Academy' which would offer free courses to those that wanted to learn a certain subject Nov 2, 2020
Joe Biden Receives Loud Applause In Munich As He Indirectly Talks About Trumps Administration

Biden pledges to nominate woman for Vice President

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has pledged to nominate a woman as his running mate if he gets the Democratic Party's nomination to challenge President Donald Trump in the November election. Mar 16, 2020