We've seen biopics on politicians, we've seen political dramas, and many of us know who we want to see on screen, which characters deserve stories and who do we want to know more. The question is how many think in terms of political characters, Rahul Gandhi is it?

Rahul Gandhi is all set to have a film as part of his list of achievements. We're not joking, we're not playing any prank. It's all real. Rahul Gandhi is getting his very own film, 'Love You Pappu'.

Rahul Gandhi in surat
Rahul Gandhi in Surat.

Love You Pappu teaser is a glimpse into Rahul Gandhi's personality

Politicians make great characters in films, it is because of the public scrutiny, their personality, nuances, and idiosyncrasies, apart from their obvious ideology. Yet, there are those politicians few have ever endowed that kind of importance or given as much thought as India's very own Rahul Gandhi. Someone with the toughest luck in his political career is now going to have a film made on him.

Love You Pappu will release in April this year, and it delves in a satirical manner into Rahul Gandhi's habits and personality. 'Pappu' is incidentally a name given to Rahul Gandhi with no compliment. The film is directed by filmmaker and cartoonist Pankaj Shankar who was previously the politician's aide. 

Yesterday, he dropped the teaser for the film as Jyotiraditya Scindia left Congress. A teaser of the two-hour-long film doesn't feature Pappu, it features another Gandhi, the real Gandhi. In the teaser, Gandhi is made to wait by Pappy's secretary, despite making an appointment, and after much time is told Pappu will be unable to make the meeting. This becomes a reality when we know that Rahul Gandhi is known to make people wait, no matter who they may be.

Love You Pappu: What to expect

The film will look at the love triangle between a politician named Yuvraj and two women. One woman is a TV journalist and another a married woman who have both been pursuing the politician via e-mails for over 12 years. Pappu, on the other hand, is a TV stringer who shares the same place and time of birth as Yuvraj. 

While the movie is claimed to be fiction, there is little that is different from reality. Shankar said that Rahul Gandhi wasn't the inspiration or a base for any character. Still, it is known that Rahul Gandhi is called Yuvraj in his political circle in Congress. The teaser is also situated in Tughlaq Lane, Delhi where Rahul Gandhi resides. 

The film awaits clearance from the Central Board. We can't wait.