Nathan Khider
Nathan Khider

Nathan Khider says he is known for his podcast channel 'Nathan K Podcast' where he puts his guests in the hot seat and asks the questions, that he thinks the public wants to hear the answers to.

What they do, how they do it, and why they do it. He claims to have interviewed a variety of guests, from world record-breaking athletes to property tycoons but no one yet has asked Nathan these questions about himself.

So, he wants his listeners to know why he started the podcast and what makes him thrive on a daily basis. Nathan says "I started the podcast because people would always ask me how I started my business and what advice I could give them to start a business, so instead of me repeating myself over and over again, and only sharing my own experience and advice, I wanted people to learn from experts in different fields. I want to show the world that no matter who you are, where you are, and what you have at this moment in time, you can achieve anything you want, and I believe that my guests have demonstrated that. I have learned so much from my guests; I have genuinely learned at least one thing from every single interview, but maybe that's just the way I am - I try to find the positive in everything. The plan from day one was to be able to set up the 'Nathan K Academy' which would offer free courses to those that wanted to learn a certain subject, for example, if a group of people was interested in learning about how to develop an app, a guest of mine or contact I know would come into the office and would give a day of their time teaching them how to get started or how to grow their business."

This would, of course, all have been for free, he says.

• Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating
• Starting a Business & Making it Sustainable
• Starting a Personal Training Business and Adding Value
• Social Media & Digital Marketing Course
• How to become a YouTuber
• Life Coaching
• Forex Trading

How would people have been accepted to the course? He claims they would have to complete an online form and explain their WHY.
"I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and ambitions," he says.