‘New Rs 500 note available’ message goes viral on WhatsApp: Is the revamped currency indeed available?
The new Rs 500 denomination currency noteIANS

In the wake of the new Rs 2000 notes being disbursed by even ATMs across Bengaluru, a message on WhatsApp hinting at the availability and release of the new Rs 500 notes is going viral. This message also contains an image that resembles the new Rs 500 denomination.

"New Rs 500 note being disbursed by banks," states the message. However, in a bid to verify the authenticity of this message, we checked out a reputed government bank in Bengaluru where officials stated that disbursement of the new notes would start from next week.

The new Rs 500 currency is important considering the fact that it would potentially lead to hassle-free transactions and also a significant reduction in crowds outside banks and ATM centres. Also, frustration among people would reduce considering the fact that the Rs 100 notes are now highly being sought for transactions.

Nonetheless, some people have reported that they received the new Rs 500 notes from ATMs, and as per these reports, the new notes are being given out from the last two days in the city.  

At this point in time, what you can do is, check out an ATM of your bank for Rs 500; along with exploring even the physical bank branches, and let us know if you managed to procure the new Rs 500 note. As far as the overall demonetisation scenario is concerned, another campaign on social media titled #IAmWithModi has been finding increased supporters who have expressed their support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "surgical strike against black money".