Bangalore ATMs now dispensing new Rs 2000 notes; new Rs 500 note to make its debut next week across banks
Rs 2000 makes its debut in Bangalore ATMs; new Rs 500 to surface soonIANS

It now seems that the heavy rush outside ATMs in Bengaluru will now reduce as the teller machines are now issuing the new Rs 2000 note after recalibration. This process is a boon considering the fact that until now there was an acute shortage of Rs 100 notes as a result of which ATMs had to be re-loaded with cash multiple times, leading to crowds and frustrations.

We managed to procure the new Rs 2000 note from an ATM belonging to Punjab National Bank (PNB) when we withdrew Rs 2000. We expected the machine to dispense Rs 100 notes but were in for a surprise when we observed the new currency.

It is worth noting that as recently as on November 19, ATMs in Bengaluru dispensed only Rs 100 notes even for withdrawals amounting to Rs 2500. This resulted in machines running out of cash fairly quickly which, in turn, led to anguish among people.

Also, another notable aspect is that the new Rs 500 notes would make their debut in Bangalore ATMs next week, going by what officials at Punjab National Bank said. The new Rs 500 currency would undoubtedly lead to further reduction in crowds outside banks.

As of now, recalibration of teller machines maintained by all banks is under way. These are expected to be done by next week.