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In a bizarre incident, a man from Madhya Pradesh's Bhind district was mysteriously getting a large amount of money deposited in his State Bank of India (SBI) account by an unknown depositor.

Hukum Singh from Rony village of the district was freeloading the amount deposited in his account every month without questioning it, believing that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was fulfilling his election promise of distributing black money that was recovered during demonetisation.

However, Singh's free money turned out to be ludicrous as it was a mistake from the bank's side, as the SBI manager of Alampur branch, Rajesh Sonkar had assigned identical account numbers to two different customers with identical names. While one Hukum Singh was from Rony village another was from Rurai village of the district and both of them had opened their accounts in the same branch.

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Identical passbooks 

After opening the account, Hukum Singh from Rurai went to Haryana in search of employment and began investing his savings in the Alampur branch of SBI. According to the reports, passbooks of both Hukum Singh's were nearly identical, except for their photos.

Delighted by his newfound income, the Hukum Singh from Rony believed it to be the work of PM Modi, who was keeping the promise he made. Singh had also withdrawn Rs 89,000 from the account over the last six months.

The incident came to light in October after Hukum Singh, who went to Haryana complained to the SBI after he figured that he only had Rs 35,400 in his savings account, whereas it should have been Rs 1,40,000. He also claimed that SBI officials tried to conceal the incident.