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Hansi, a mentally ill woman allegedly bludgeoned her husband to death with a hammer two dozen times in his sleep. While the murder took place at the residence in north-west Delhi's Narela on Monday night, the shocking incident came to light only Tuesday morning (March 7) when one of their children informed their relatives.

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The accused allegedly murdered her husband Kamal Kumar because he had had forgotten to get medicines for his wife, who suffered from psychological issues. The 35-year-old Kumar lived with his wife, Hansi and two daughters aged two and four and a one-year-old son.

Kamal, an orphan since birth, and Hansi used to live in the same colony in Narela's Sector A5. Six years ago, Hansi's parents got them married and even helped them find a rented house in the same neighbourhood. Though Kamal was a soft-spoken man who was liked by everybody in the colony, Hansi has been undergoing treatment at Vimhans for her anger issues.

Neighbours said that Kamal, who worked at a factory in the nearby industrial area, was a caring husband and even took care of her when she became violent. But on Monday night, the couple had a fight as he had forgotten to get her medicines. Kumar, went to bed without having food, after which Hansi hammered him to death.

Reportedly, the children witnessed the murder. TOI reports said that having committed the murder, Hansi locked the house from outside and went to watch a baraat passing by. She even took part in the celebration, with blood splashed across her face. Though the neighbours spotted her in the crowd they mistook the blood for Holi colours. Hansi, woke up on Tuesday morning, and asked her children to wake up their father while she prepared breakfast.

It was then that the oldest daughter, went and informed her maternal grandmother.

However, The Hindu has reported that Hansi forced the children to go to sleep after committing the murder. In the morning when their relatives were informed, Hansi refused to open the door.

"After repeated knocking, when she finally opened the door, we saw the body on the floor," said Mandal, Hansi's 21-year-old sister, according to the Hindu.

Infact, Hansi's mother, Savitri Devi has demanded strict punishment for her daughter. "I do not want the police to release her. What if she kills the kids?" she asked.

Meanwhile, the police said that they have found evidence of Hansi's mental illness. "We have seized certain papers from her house which show that she was undergoing treatment," said DCP (Rohini) Mahendra Nath Tiwari.