Pressure cooker
Pressure cookerWikipedia/Hustvedt

A woman in China's Lu'an City reportedly murdered her husband and then cooked his dismembered body part in a pressure cooker.

The unidentified woman apparently drugged and tortured the man, her second husband, for three days in June by beating him and holding back his food and water, according to Anhui News.

The report further stated that after killing her husband, the woman reportedly chopped his body with a saw and then boiled it in a pressure cooker to cover her crime. It is not clear how she disposed of the boiled flesh.

After committing the crime, the woman suffered psychological stress and drastically lost weight. She then surrendered herself before police.

The woman in her defence claimed that her husband abused her and her daughter for months.

A police officer confirmed the incident to AFP news, but declined to reveal further details in the case.

This is not the first case reported where a woman murdered her husband and cooked the body parts.

Earlier this year, a chef in US was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of his wife. The chef told police that after having an argument with his wife he tied her hands and feet, duct-taped her mouth and fell asleep. Later, when he woke up he found out that she was dead. To hide the evidence he then cooked up her body parts for four days.

In 2011, a Pakistani woman killed her husband, chopped his body parts and tried to cook it on stove to cover her crime. Police suggested that she drugged and murdered her husband after he raped their daughter.