Manushi Chillar

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar is busy with her commitments to the title. However, she says that she is open to doing Bollyoowd films as she believes that there is a hidden actor in her.

Manushi was crowned last year in China. And Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra's success not only as a Bollywood star but also on a global platform, it looks like Manushi too wants to follow in her footsteps.

In an interview with PTI, the beauty pageant winner revealed her plans for acting. She said, "I sense an actor in me. Being a doctor and an actor is very similar. My father would always tell me, to be a good doctor you have to be a good actor because 50 percent of the patients are cured by the way you make them feel,"

"You do have a role-playing to do when you're a doctor. Even as a Miss World you have to roleplay sometimes, when you look at some people you feel like breaking down but you've to smile and spread happiness. So of course I know I am a good actor," she added.

When Manushi was asked about film offers that she has rejected, she said, "I haven't said no to any opportunity. It's more of a wait. I need to fulfil certain responsibilities right now. I'll take the Bollywood decision when it's the right time."

Talking about her experience after being crowned Miss World, Manushi revealed some facts about her life-changing experience.

"For a girl behind specs, in her room reading books, to come in front of the camera, expected to have an opinion about things, a lot has changed. But I'm enjoying. It takes a lot of self-belief to be Miss World. As Miss World, you are a face for beauty with a purpose. You can't just be beautiful. You have to have the zeal and courage to pursue the purpose. It is not easy to visit an area which is, say, hit by a natural calamity, you have to be with the people, not break down but empathise," she said.

Manushi is now gearing up to judge Miss India 2018 and revealed her excitement, "I felt so nostalgic when I spoke to the contestants, I realized I was one of them. I can understand what's going on their mind when they're giving a particular answer. As a judge, I can see through them. Now that I'm here, I'm also looking at them through the eyes of the Miss World organisation."