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A Bollywood drama unfolded in Mathura this week when a 24-year-old man kidnapped his ex-fiancee's father to blackmail her into marrying him. 

Everything started a year back when Sanjeev, the kidnapper, had met the girl through a common friend and they began dating. During the relationship, the girl's family strongly opposed it and was rooting for them to break up.

However, the girl managed to convince them and they got engaged this year. The relationship ran its course after a year when the girl found out that Sanjeev was dating many women while he was engaged to her and she broke up with him. The Times of India reports that Sanjeev was also engaged to another girl at the same time.

Sanjeev could not handle the rejection and began stalking the girl and her family. The stalking evolved into death threats and the girl's family shifted back to their native town in Bhopal.

However, the girl's father, who works as a cashier in Palam village in Delhi, stayed back. He was on his way to work when the man and three of his friends kidnapped him and took him away in a car.

He was reportedly forced by Sanjeev to call his daughter up and tell her that it was okay to marry Sanjeev and that he was a "good boy". Sanjeev later called the girl up and blackmailed her to marry him if she ever wanted to see her father alive.

While the girl was scared to go to the police, Sanjeev's employer came to know of the kidnapping and informed the police.

"Sanju (Sanjeev) was arrested on Monday night from Mathura with the help of technical surveillance after a team headed by ACP Rajinder Singh Yadav and Inspector Sanjay Kumar rescued the victim," Deputy Commissioner of Police Anto Alphonse was quoted as saying by TOI.

Alphonse added that the police had tracked the phone calls made to the girl's phone to Baraut, Meerut and Mathura where they finally caught Sanjeev on Monday night.

While Sanjeev is in police custody and is currently being questioned, his two friends are on the run.