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A Delhi Police official refused to investigate a case of a woman missing for over six months saying that her astrology is bad and they will start searching for her only after her 'maha dosh' gets over.

'Maha dosh' is an inauspicious time in a person's astrology and the police felt that investigating her disappearance during the time would bring bad luck.

India Today reports that a personal astrologer of the crime branch official, Vijay Samaria, told him that in this case, the 'maha dish' gets over on April 19.

The missing woman is 58-year-old Air India official Sulakshana Narula. She has been missing since September 2018. Samaria had told Sulakshana's family that he will investigate the case after her 'maha dosh' gets over.

When Samaria first came across the case, he had persuaded the victim's son to get her horoscope. He then gave it to his astrologer. When the astrologer informed him of Sulakshana's 'maha dosh', Samaria stayed away from the case.

What Samaria did not take into account was Sulakshana's disappearance and that investigating the case within the first 24 hours of the disappearance is most crucial since all the evidence will be in place.

However, Samaria is confident that he will find Sulakshana after April 19. In addition to this, Samaria also advised Sulakshana's son to visit a Chattarpur temple, an abode of Goddess Baglamukhi. He believed that she will show a way.

The crime branch did not call Samaria out but supported his method of 'investigation'. ACP Jasbir Singh told India Today, "Sulakshna's family members consulted their astrologer and believed that she would be found in Haridwar, Mathura or Virandavan. The investigating officer of the case, Vijay Samaria, visited these places more than twice, without any result."

He added, "We believe in scientific investigation, but if an inspector supports the victim's family members with a personal touch, it affects the ongoing probe. I don't know about any horoscope and bad phase theories."