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The teaser of Ram Gopal Varma's Lakshmi's NTR has received rave reviews from the audience, who are thrilled over RGV's creativity and casting for NTR's role and say they can't wait for its release.

Lakshmi's NTR is another biopic on the life of late legendary actor NT Rama Rao and Ram Gopal Varma courted controversy by announcing it after he was dumped from the Balakrishna-produced biopic of NTR. A lot has been written about this controversial film which is based on the book written by NTR's wife Lakshmi Parvathi and some even doubted whether RGV would do justice to such an intricate subject.

Amidst all the speculations, Ram Gopal Varma released its first look video titled "NTR Becomes Alive in Lakshmi's NTR", which hit YouTube as a treat for former United Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister on his death anniversary. Later, the director tweeted the link to it and wrote, "After he was killed by backstabbing NTR comes back once again alive in Lakshmi's NTR."

Ram Gopal Varma has not revealed the name of the actor, who has played NT Rama Rao's role. He has claimed that he is a theatre artiste, whom he has trained for the role. He tweeted, "Contrary to some reports the person who is playing NTR In #LakshmisNTR is a telugu theatre actor from West Godavari who I put under training for months to catch NTR's body language, demeanour, speech pattern etc."

The one-minute-long first look video of Lakshmi's NTR opens with the scene of the actor, who has played late NTR, sitting on a chair. He seems to be deeply worried over something, while it is raining outisde, accompanied by lightning and thundering. He slowly opens his eyes and his wet eyes speak a thousand words. The soothing background score and beautiful camera angles heighten the emotional quotient of this sequence.

Many viewers were sceptic about Ram Gopal Varma's credibility of working on the NTR biopic. But this teaser of Lakshmi's NTR has struck a chord with the audience, who are bowled over by this sentimental scene. The first look video has been flooded with comments, likes and shares social media. The filmgoers are have heaped praises upon Ram Gopal Varma for his creativity.

Many viewers say the actor, who has played NTR, looks better than Nandamuri Balakrishna in NTR: Kathanayakudu and Lakshmi's NTR would be a bigger tribute to the legendary actor. Here are some of the viewers' comments posted below the teaser of Lakshmi's NTR on YouTube:

Radha Krishna

The capture of emotions...folds on forehead, wetness in eye's clearly captures the agitated mind!! RGV you're more an pyschologist than director...kudos to the actor!


Captured the grief of NTR so perfectly, in the trademark RGV's slow motion..


Viewers........speak frankly. Can any director portrait such goose-bumb emotions with perfect blend of background score. RGV is a REAL GENIUS. RGV garu, just go ahead with your freedom. You are an inspiration to many of us.

Lakshmi Raju

Rgv sir miru thopu, excellent teaser. Ntr ni Chala realistic ga chuparu. Waiting for real story....

Ravi Teja

His left eye speaks everything that he confessed in his last interview

Kunapareddy Srinivas

Very nice get up...looking better than Balakrishna.

Kumaalagutna Subhash

This is what NTR bio pic waiting eagerly for movie


Wow... Really shocked... Great work done by RGV ...


Sir, New invention from you. This actor resembles sr. Ntr Super selection.

Sai Kumar

Balaya ki 20 times better ga unaru e artist...Jai NTR jai jai Lakshmi'S NTR.......

Ganesh Chauhan

Lakshmi's NTR is more interesting than NTR kathanayakudu.... Waiting for it... Maku teliyani story vuntay Ney baguntadii lekuntey bolta paduddi...

Psy _TECH?

Meeru bgm Alane songs to curiosity penchestunnaru RGV Is an emotion

Purna chandra

Balayya kante acting baaga chesadu