Many filmgoers, who watched Kaala on the first day, feel that Pa Ranjith's latest directorial venture is a propaganda film to prove that Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is not the B Team of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Rajinikanth has openly appreciated the policies and decision of Narendra Modi-led BJP government on social media. He has gone on to endorse some of them by campaigning for his initiatives, including Swatch Bharath Abhiyaan. He has also met the Prime Minister a couple of times in New Delhi and Chennai. These developments had sent out a signal to the people of Tamil Nadu that he is leaning towards the BJP.

When Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics, speculations were made that he is the B-team of BJP. It was believed that the party, which is struggling to find its existence in the state, is nurturing the actor, who would surely join hands with it and help it get its foothold in the state. This feel had made some people hate him.

His latest outing Kaala, which was promoted as an action crime thriller, hit the screens today and is turning out to be wonderful political drama, which is about Tamil immigrants' oppression in Dharavi, Mumbai. The movie, which is based on the concept that land is the right of the common man, throws light on several social issues. Director Pa Ranjith has taken a dig at some concepts of BJP including Swatch Bharat.

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Many audience, who shared their reviews of Kaala on Twitter, opined that Pa Ranjith-directed film is a launch pad of Rajinikanth's political career. It is definitely a propaganda movie and it is an exercise to prove that the Kollywood superstar is not BJP's B Team. Some asked the BJP that the party rose voice against Vijay's Mersal, will it take similar action against the Rajinikanth starrer?

Here are some responses from the audience on Twitter.

Vijay Subramanya‏ @balansvijay85

Who said @rajinikanth is BJP's B team, watch #Kaala. You will change ur mind. A propoganda film which speaks politics all through.

Sujan Venkat‏ @sujanv

#Kaala is a fitting reply to anyone who branded Rajini as BJP. Only he has the guts to do a movie with such a strong msg to BJP in every frame of the movie ! #KaalaReview #KaalatheRageofRajinikanth

Gayathri‏ @cacaophilix

#kaala Rajini self-trolled, trolled BJP and Shiv Sena. Pa. Ranjith is a genius. So refreshing to see intelligent movies. Pa. Ranjith has learnt from all the mistakes he made in Kabali and given us a masterpiece. @beemji Hats off, nicely done sir.

பாலாஜி‏ @itzbalaji

Dear @beemji u will always b remembered as people director appreciate ur effort on speaking for people right ..Ur cinema will b different forever .. Love the way u trolled BJP throughout in #Kaala

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#Kaala seems to be an exercise to prove that Rajinikanth is not BJP's B Team.

Bharathnt‏ @bharath1

For all those who said @rajinikanth is BJP's B team, watch #Kaala. You will change ur mind. A propoganda film which speaks politics all through.

#DieMannschaft‏ @Black_Cofffee

#kaala is blockbuster not just because of Thalaivar's charm and Ranjith's effective Story/screenplay, but anything thats against BJP in TN sells.

Vanzha‏ @vanzhav

If #Rajinikanth not starred in #Kaala,definitely BJP would have raised objections & voiced strongly to ban movie. Since Rajini lean towards right,BJP let it so it can harvest proletariat votes but not gonna happen. It is a @beemji film, Rajini is his carrier vehicle.#kaalareview

Constentain Beshki‏ @aerobeshki

#Kaaala super movie BJP aah vachu senjutaninga ah ranjith semma direction many twist fight love full entertainment. #slum_story #politics BJP filed case against #Mersal movie. Why not for #Kaala Think about it. — feeling thoughtful at Yas Viceroy...

vignesh pandi‏ @vigneshpandi01

#Kaala is the befitting reply to whoever branded Rajini as a BJP person.. It is a direct message from South to the North from @beemji Ranjith for the Cheap politics they play with a Bommai Government that is ruling us currently. #KaalatheRageofRajinikanth #KaalaReview

Parv€z♡‏ @Parvez_27

Well those who are still confused abt the difference btwn PROTEST & VIOLENCE. Then #kaala will give you the ans..Some scenes are clearly related to thoothukudi incidents... Also BJP has been criticized in movie for eg swach bharat, digital india n few elements..#kaalareview