Bruno mars carpool
Bruno Mars and James Corden in the Carpool Karaoke segment of The Late Late Show with James CordenYouTube Screenshot

With the television buzzing with The Voice finale, the show was in news not just for its winner details. The Voice also saw numerous musical performances, including that of Bruno Mars. The singer brought some 24 carat magic to the finale and he did not stop there. Wearing a satin robe and shorts, Bruno Mars hopped onto James Corden's car to feature the Carpool Karaoke segment of CBS's The Late Late Show with James Corden. The episode, which aired immediately after Mars was seen performing at The Voice's finale, saw Mars sing along his hit numbers, including 24K Magic.

Not letting go of his iconic style essential, his hat/cap, the singer sported a white cap that had the roman letter 24 printed on it. Goes without saying that Mars was in with a plan and he got down to business with starting off the episode singing the hit title track.

When asked about his love for caps and hats, the curly-haired singer confessed that he caught on to his image because he had no idea what to do with his hair. A star-struck Corden declared that Mars can pull off any kind of a hat and boy, was he right. The Grenade singer first wore a top hat and a sort of Panama hat that upgrade his style a notch higher.

The singer revealed that he was four years old when he decided that he wanted to be a performer. "At the age of four, I was impersonating Elvis Presley in my dad's Rock and Roll 1950s review," he shared as he recreated the Presley's iconic lip action. When asked about what song he had performed on, the singer breaks into an impromptu gig as he sang Presley's Let's Rock.

"Even in this car right now, you are a young Elvis and I like sort of a fat Elvis. Is there ever going to be a fat Bruno?" laughs Corden to which Mars shares, "If that doesn't happen, then I didn't make it."

Bruno Mars on Carpool Karaoke
Bruno Mars impersonating Elvis PresleyYouTube Screenshot

The duo ride through the city singing Mar's famous hit songs that include Grenade, Versace On The Floor, If I Knew and Uptown Funk. While the two sang the Versace on the Floor, Mars is seen teaching the late night show host a trick or two about seducing a woman in the bedroom. While Mars swiftly juggles between creating seductive shoulder moves and hypnotising the woman, Corden makes a fool of himself as he decides to back to the basics and keep the bedroom romance simple.

Mars opens up about his dressing room essentials and also reveals his new album details. "I want some booze, water and wet wipes. That's it," he shares. "And that's the next album, Wine and Wet Wipes. It sounds massive," Mars sarcastically comments. The duo then breaks into the so-called "first single" has they sing to the tunes of Uptown Funk with the lyrics, Pop the cork and wipe down.

As the segment reaches the conclusion is when the crazy side of Mars is seen as the host and singer break into two cardio songs – Uptown Funk and Perm. Through the Perm performance, Corden is seen Bruno-fied as he dons a satin gown and shorts accessorising it with gold accessories.

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