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The Varnama police arrested a mentally challenged man on Monday from Por village in Gujarat, India for having unnatural sex with three cows, the Times of India reported. 

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On Monday, milkman Lalji Rabari, who owns the three cows, had filed a complaint against Rathodiya after he found one of the cows dead. Rathodiya works as a labourer for Rabari.

According to reports, he had carried out the heinous act on Sunday night.

A complaint was registered against Rathodiya at the Varnama police station for having unnatural sex, committing mischief by killing and injuring the cattle, outraging religious feeling and under Animal Cruelty Act, the report stated. 

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When Rabari went to the cowshed, he found out that the three cows were tied with a rope and one of them was dead. Rabari suspected that someone had unnatural sex with the cows. He doubted Rathodiya for this horrible act because two years back he had done the same with a calf.

He got Rathodiya arrested and the latter even accepted committing the crime when the police questioned him.

Initially, Rathodiya had informed the cops that he, his brother and two more people were present in the cowshed on Sunday night. However, after investigating, the cops found out that he was misleading them. 

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"When we talked to the villagers, they told us that Rathodiya has psychological problems and he even blabbers when he is alone," TOI quoted an official as saying.

This is not the first time an incident related to animal cruelty has surfaced online. In 2017, a cab driver named Naresh Kumar raped a female puppy Jenny, which died of bleeding. He then threw the puppy's body in Nariana's industrial area in Delhi. 

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The caretaker of Jenny couldn't find her for two days and found that Kumar had taken her along with him. He even boasted about raping the pup to an animal lover and showed its dead body to him.

A post-mortem report revealed that Jenny "died due to excessive bleeding from private parts and shock," as per an India Today report.