IAF rescue Madhya Pradesh
IAF makes a rescue in Madhya Pradesh amid floods.@IAF_MCC/Twitter

Madhya Pradesh has been battered by floods as large parts of the state have been inundated. In the crisis, the Indian Airforce has been helping in making rescues of stranded people around the state. 

On Sunday, in the village of Mawad, the Indian Air Force made a valiant rescue of 2 people and an elderly person. The Air Force shared a video showing the rescue. 

Indian Air Force rescues stranded elderly man in Madhya Pradesh

The central state of Madhya Pradesh has been experiencing terrible floods and the IAF has been helping with rescue missions. On Sunday along the banks of the Wainganga river, in the Mowad, Balaghat, houses were inundated. 

Teh Mi17V5 helicopter was deployed in the rescue mission by the Indian Air Force. On Sunday afternoon, a video was shared by the Air Force on Twitter showing the rescue in process. 

The IAF airlifted three people out of which one was an elderly man from the inundated area below. The IAF personnel was lowered onto the roof of a house after which he is seen coming back up with the elderly man.

Many such rescues have been made around the state, where 8 have died and more than 9000 moved to relief camps due to the floods.